In which part of Europe is Benelux found?

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Benelux is just a term referring to the economic union of the neighboring countries of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemborg in Northern Central Europe.
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What are the mountains found in Europe?

Some examples of major mountain ranges include the Alps, the Pyrenees, the Urals, the Caucuses, the Transylvanian Alps, and the Apennines. Individual major mountains are Mt. Elbrus in Russia, Mt. Blanc in France, Jungfrau in Switzerland, and Mulhacen in Spain. Mt Etna in Sicily is higher than ( Full Answer )

What does Benelux mean?

BENELUX Is short for Be lgium Ne therlands and Lux embourg (the first letters of each country) This was a group of countries pre the European Union .

Is tenerife part of Europe?

Tenerife is an island in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands arelocated off the coast of Africa, but they are owned by Spain andthus a part of Europe.

Is Turkey part of Europe?

Turkey is part of Eurasia, between Europe and Asia. But I think Turkey is mostly in Asia.

What does BENELUX stand for?

BENELUX is short for Be lgium Ne therlands and Lux embourg, a trading group of countries before the European Union.

What countries are found in europe?

It's not a Country it's a Continent and No countries in there they are Continents and They are Scotland and Wales, Ireland Above sea.

What countries are found in Western Europe?

Andorra Austria Belgium Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Italy Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malta Monaco Netherlands Norway Portugal San Marino Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Vatican City

Who found Europe?

i am wondering the same thing y dont anyone else type an answer for me by the way this is amber gregory and thats my question

When was benelux formed?

The three countries formed a customs union in 1948, and in 1958 they signed the Treaty of the Benelux

Which part of Russia is in Europe and which part in Asia?

Russia is a country that falls in both Europe and Asia -- 25% in Europe, 75% in Asia (approximately). Er, that's what some people think. But it's not true. The part of Russia west of the Urals and north of the Caucasus Mountains is Europe, by all standards; but every single other part is Asian, li ( Full Answer )

What kind of animals are found in Europe?

There are beavers,arachnids,aberdeen terrier,basset hound,airdale terrier,ats,atlantic puffin,badgers,beagels,bees,bichon frise,black-footed farret(nearly extinct),bloodhound,bordie collie,boxer,brown bear,bulldog,clam,cocker spaniel,collie,cony,crabs,cranes,crickets,dove,doberman pinscher dog,dalma ( Full Answer )

Benelux countries part of European union?

Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg were 3 of the 6 founder members of the European Economic Community, which is now known as the European Union.

Are there beaches found in Europe?

yes after its lights and sounds there is a beautiful beach or that's what I've seen.............on google

Did modern supranationalism in Europe began with the creation of Benelux in 1944?

Not really. Although the Benelux Union was formed in 1944, it was not until 1955 that supranationalism was present, when a Benelux Parliament was formed. The European Coal and Steel Community was formed in 1952. When the ECSC was formed, it had several aims, one of which was to become the first supr ( Full Answer )

What animal resources can be found in Europe?

Europe has, or had, an abundance of animal resources. Fur animals,such as rabbit, wolf, fox, otter, and mink live there. Largeherbivores like roe deer, reindeer, ibex, and European Bison aresources of meat and furs. Migratory songbirds and gamebirds are asource of meat and feathers. The apex predato ( Full Answer )

What kinds of landforms are found in Europe?

There are multiple kinds of landforms found in Europe from valleys to rivers to mountains to plains. Europe is a continent, although it may also be considered the largest peninsula of the Eurasian landmass. However the area includes many islands as well, so this would apply strictly to continental ( ( Full Answer )

What language family is found inthe most northern part of Europe?

Most of the languages in the very northern reaches of Europe belong to the Germanic, Slavic, and Balto-Slavic language families (although Finnish and Estonian are Uralic languages). Swedish, Norwegian, English, and Icelandic are Germanic languages, Russian is a Slavic language, and Latvian and Lithu ( Full Answer )

What are biomes found in Europe?

Warm climate, rich soil, and animals like otters, bats, snakes, sea turtles, and lots of dolphins.

Where can petroleum be found in Europe?

The largest deposits are in the North Sea which belong to the UK and Netherlands. Russia also has very large deposits, but I'm not sure you would include it in Europe. Germany and Denmark have offshore deposits as well. Other countries include Italy, Austria, France, Poland, Hungary, Greece and Spai ( Full Answer )

When was Portugal part of Europe?

Portugal always has been part of Europe even though the Moorish occupation of the Iberian Peninsula, 711-1492, may be said to have placed Portugal and Spain under Muslim control and influences from Islam dominated Africa and Asia.

Has Europe been part of China?

Yes , the Khan destiny has ruled most of Russia. Also , the Chinese Han , have ruled Europe 4000years ago.

What is the Benelux economy?

The Benelux was formed as an economical union between Belguim, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Since these countries are also the co-founders of the European Community it has not so much economical significance anymore. These days it is more seen as a cultural community.

What resources are found in western Europe?

Fertile, well prepared land, excellent transportation systems, almost unlimited fresh water, existing factories and utilities, a well-educated workforce, and sophisticated system of banking and courts.

What are the food found in Europe?

Foods found in Europe probably are : . Shrimps . Prawns . Manchurians . Sweet and Sours . Burgers . Pizza's . Fries . (and all the food including the europian dishes)

What religion was founded in Europe?

None of the three major religions have roots in Europe. However, Protestantism, a sect of Christianity, and it is a sect based on protests of the Catholic and Church of England. Protestants are a plurality in the United States and Canada.

Where in Europe is Mozart found?

Mozart was born in Salzburg, in what is now Austria but at the time was part of the Bavarian Circle in the Holy Roman Empire, in 1756 and died in 1791.

Is Kosovo found in Europe?

Yes Kosovo is a territory of Serbia that declared independence, but has yet to be recognized by enough nations to be sovereign.

How many peninsulas are found in Europe?

There are six major peninsulas in Europe: Scandinavian Peninsula Jutland Peninsula (Denmark) Iberian Peninsula Apennine Peninsula (Italy) Balkan Peninsula Turkish Peninsula

What part of Europe can weasels be found?

A map based on where weasels reside is located in the link below. Blue areas are where weasels can be found. Just look at Europe and see where weasels are (they're practically over the whole continent).

What are the Benelux countries of Western Europe?

Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, The Ne therlands and Lux embourg. Be lgium, Th ( Full Answer )

Is Italy found in western Europe?

Italy is regarded as a western European country, and is geographically in the south of Europe. Italy is regarded as a western European country, and is geographically in the south of Europe. Italy is regarded as a western European country, and is geographically in the south of Europe. Italy is reg ( Full Answer )

Where in Europe is Romania found?

It's on the central southeastern side of Europe and it borders with Moldova to the north Hungary to the west

What countries in Europe can gold be found?

Gold can be found pretty much all over the world. The largest producers of gold in Europe include Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, and Poland.

What country is not found in Europe?

It is much easier to name which countries are found in Europe. This way, if a country is not on the list then you know it is not located in Europe. A link is provided below with the list of countries in Europe, either fully or partially.

Which climate types are not found in Europe and why?

The latitude of a place usually relates to the climate type. However, water currents and wind currents can also play a significant effect. Tropical climates are not found in Europe because Europe is not located in the tropics (near the equator). Very little arid climate is found in Europe (what ( Full Answer )

What countries can be found within Europe?

The European Union consists of twenty seven states. In alphabetical order they are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, ( Full Answer )

Is the Iberian Lynx found in Europe?

Yes. Iberia is the large peninsula that contains Spain andPortugal. That is where it can be found and why it is called theIberian Lynx.

What trade organization is found in Europe?

The main organisation that is associated with trade in Europe isthe European Union. There is also the European Free TradeAssociation. It only has 4 countries that are members, compared tothe European Union's 28 member countries. Some European Unionmembers have in the past been members of the Europea ( Full Answer )

Capital of Benelux?

Benelux is a collective name for three different countries,Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. They each have their owncapital cities, so there is no capital of Benelux.