In which thing girls pass urine?

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A girl passes urine through her urethra. This is the part of her body located near her vagina or genitals.

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Q: In which thing girls pass urine?
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Can you add some thing to your urine to pass a urine test?

The best thing is not to take illegal substances, then your urine will be clear.

Can you use a girls urine to pass a pee test even if your a boy?

If you cannot pass the test with your own urine, then you are taking your chances anyway. Probably some unusual proteins will show up.

Do girls have separate holes to pass urine and to give birth?

Yes the urinary tract is separate from the birth canal.

How do you pass a urine test for a job?

If you don't do drugs, you will pass the urine test.

How do girls urine?


Why do you need to pass urine after surgery?

One needs to pass urine after surgery to ensure the kidneys are functioning properly. Failure to pass urine indicates a renal problem.

At what rate does urine pass through the uterus into the bladder?

Urine does not pass through the uterus at all...

How do you pass urine while tucking?

To pass urine while tucking, first you have to un-tuck.

Does sure jel help you pass a drug test?

Apparently the jel does help you pass a drug test by helping you to get the urine that has the drug thing in it which helps you pass the drug test fully.

If you have cold urine would that pass for a drug test?

no, cold urine would not pass for a drug test. each urine sample has to be "body temperature", which is 98.6 degrees, to pass.

Can you do anything to help pass a nicotine urine test?

is there anything to help pass a nicotine urine test

What can you do to pass a urine tomorrow for benzodiazapines?

Get some else's urine

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