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In which type of blood vessel is blood at its highest blood pressure?


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the arties is the blood vessel that blood is at its highest blood pressure because it fuels the whole body with that blood

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Aorta has highest pressure. Pressure gradually decreases as blood moves towards heart.

Blood pressure is taken through an artery. Normal BP is highest in the artery side of the circulatory system and lower in the venous side.

The fastest blood vessel for carrying blood is the Aortic arch. Its responsibility is to transport blood to every part of the body in the systemic circuit, except the lungs. It also has the largest discharge, called stroke volume, and the highest blood pressure. That is why it has pressure receptors, called baroreceptors, that measure blood pressure as it is ejected from the left ventricle of the heart, past the aortic semilunar valve, and into the arotic arch.

Baroreceptors regulate the blood pressure of all vertebrae and are located in the blood vessels. It is a type of mechanoreceptor which is excited when a blood vessel is stretched.

Veins are the type of blood vessel that drains blood from tissues and returns it to the heart.

Resistance changes dramatically with changes in diameter of blood vessels (arterioles are one type of blood vessel). If you INCREASE the diameter of the arteriole, you DECREASE the resistance and thus DECREASE the blood pressure.

The "type" of blood vessel is an artery.The largest, an elastic one connected to the heart, is the aorta.

Arteries. This is because the heart is pumping the blood away from the heart through the arteries, thus they are very high pressure due to the force of the blood being pushed quickly through a confined space.

pulmonary artery contains oxygenated blood i...:))

The arteries They need to be strong and elastic to cope with the high pressure that the heart pumps out the blood at, in order for it to reach all areas of the body.

No, I think you mean "vein".

The smallest, narrowest blood vessels are capillaries.

Veins are those vessels. They do not have much blood pressure to push the blood forward and they need these to prevent backward flow.

No particular blood type is at more risk for high blood pressure than any other type. It is mostly stress, diet, and genetics that affect blood pressure.

The majority of blood volume is in the venous system.

Capillaries have very low blood pressure

The lumen is the size of the inside of the blood vessel. The type of blood vessel that has a lumen approximately the same diameter as a single red blood cell is a capillary.

Capillaries send blood to both arteries and veins.

Type of new vessel growth typically seen in an eye experiencing oxygen deprivation. It is imperitive that one keeps their blood sugar and pressure under control to stave off more of these vessels developing.

veins have valves, arteries dont.

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