In which year did Allah send the angel Gabriel with the message of the Quran?


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that might be written in quran but the year might not be mentioned that might be written in quran but the year might not be mentioned that might be written in quran but the year might not be mentioned that might be written in quran but the year might not be mentioned

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God (Allah) is the one who made Angel Gabriel to reveal the message (Quran) to prophet Muhammed, Peace and blessing be upon him.

Allah words transmitted by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammed

The message given by God to prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (Jibril in Arabic) is the holy book Quran. Refer to questions below on Quran.

Allah (God) spoke to prophet Muhammad through Hazaret the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) in Arabic, that is the Quran language.

The Holy Quran is the word from Allah who revealed to Angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) whom is the last messenger of Allah.

The angel Gabriel (Jibril) is the angel through him God (Allah) revealed Quran, Islam Holy Book, to prophet Muhammad. God Quran revelation to the prophet through the angel Gabriel started in year 610 through year 632 AD (year of prophet Muhammad death).

The Holy Quran was revealed to Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him) by Allah (God) through the Angel Gabriel as the final message of Allah (God) to mankind. The Holy Quran was written to create a permanent copy of Allah's (God's) final message to mankind after this there would be no more messages from Allah (God). Due the sheer importance of this message, when ever a part of it was revealed to Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peach be Upon Him) through the Angel Gabriel it was immediately written almost every time by at least 3 people to create a hard copy in the presence of Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). It was also immediately memorised by those people. Thus eliminating the chances of it being corrupted by anything and ensuring that what originally was revealed by Angel Gabriel is what exactly is in Quran word for word.

Gabriel (Jibril) is an Angel who conveyed Allah (God in English) Quran words to prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad is prophet of God.

Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad by God through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril).

He received the message of Islam; that is called Quran; from God through the Angel Gabriel (Jubril). Refer to question below.

In Madina, Muhammad continued to receive Allah's messages from the Angel Gabriel. But in these battles, Allah gave help to Muhammad and the Muslims.

He is the prophet of Islam religion. Muslims' holy book is Quran, which consist of words of Allah(God) revealed to him through the angel Gabriel.

He received the first verses of Quran from God (Allah in Arabic) through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril).

it's written that Alla didn't speak directly to Muhammad, but sent the angel (Gabriel) and everything he said is written on the Quran, the Quran is known as alla's words and quotes

No reference documents or books are available to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He was not reading or writing. His only reference is what is inspired to him from Allah (God in English) and Allah Quran revelation to him through the angel Gabriel (Jibril).

Prophet Muhammad is human. He was not sent down by Allah from the Heaven. He was assigned by God (Allah) for Quran revelation through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril) and to convey the message to people to worship God, the one and only one God. The same message was conveyed to mankind by all prophets including, but not limited to, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace upon them all). For the details on why Quran was revealed, refer to the question listed below.

Quran Quran is the most important book for Muslims as it reflects the real God (Allah) words revealed by God (Allah) to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Gabriel (Jibril). Refer to questions below for more information.

God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril).

Islam arose when god "Allah" sent the angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammed and ordered him to deliver the message of Allah around 610 ad first it was in secrecy but after three years Allah ordered Muhammed to begin his message"Da'wa" publicly

Muhammad (peace be upon him) is God prophet and messenger to whom Allah (or God and same God worshiped in Christianity and Judaism) revealed the Quran; Muslims God holy book; through the angel Jibril (or Gabriel). He call people to Islam per Quran Allah (or )revelation to him.

Allah kept the Quran in the form of a preserved tablet. When it was time, Allah sent the Quran to the 4th heaven to the arch-angel Gabriel. He revealed it to the Prophet (P.B.U.H) in the "Cave Of Hira", when he was 40 years old. This took place in the holy month of Ramadan. The whole Quran was revealed in 23 years (610-632 A.D).

The Angel Gabriel (Jibril) visited prophet Muhammad to convey to him God revelation of Quran.

Gabriel commanded Muhammad to write "The Quran".

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the prophet of Islam religion per Quran revelation by Allah (God in English) to him through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril).

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