In work you male colleagues are polite and say hello but on work nights out they completely ignore you. Why?


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boys are boys no one really knows what is going on in their brain

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It's not polite to ignore someone, tell them politely to leave you alone because you dont like them, dont ignore her because then she will just bother you more to know why you are ignoreing her..

the perfect boy friend is when he act polite and doesn't ignore you when he's with his friends

It happens. The polite thing to do is for everyone concerned to just ignore it.

It is a polite term for saying 'goodnight', they are wishing you a good nights sleep.

Some answers, I agree are not polite at all. That is because anyone can type what they want to type. Right now I am typing to you because I agree with what you are telling me. Some kids, or adults just don't get how to be polite. It is very rude. The only thing you can do is just ignore it.

Girls that are ignoring guys they are not interested in think it is more polite to ignore them than to have to explain they are not interested in them. They would rather not hurt the feelings of the guy and by ignoring them, the girl hopes the guy will not speak to them.

This is completely context dependent. "Likewise" basically means "the same to you." If someone says something polite to you, like "it was nice to meet you," then responding with "likewise" would be polite. If someone says something rude, then responding "likewise" would be equally rude. Tone is also important.

Here are some sentences.Be polite to your grandmother.Polite people are well liked.

The word polite is not a noun; polite is an adjective, a word that describes a noun.Example sentence: She is a polite girl. (polite is describing the girl).The noun form for the adjective polite is politeness.

The comparative form of polite is more polite. The superlative form is most polite.

Crack a couple jokes, be polite, don't ignore her, and buy her some ice cream.

The word polite is an adjective. Adjectives don't have singular or plural, they have degrees, for example:polite, more polite, most polite.The noun form for the adjective polite is politeness; the plural form is politenesses.

Polite is the correct spelling.An example sentence is: He was very polite.Another example sentence is: I tried to be polite but she was too annoying.

Polite is an adjective. Politely is the adverb form. The closest one can get to a verb is to be polite.

Yes, polite is an adjective.

If your not polite then god will eventually KILL you!

He is polite when he wants to be.

You stop initiating conversations and meetings. You leave them completely alone like a polite cold shoulder.

You have to being polite because if you are not polite you are not educated and you can be playing with your food, eating by a disordenly way...

i was polite to my neighbor.

This students is very polite

Atticus says that Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose is old and sick, and that Jem and Scout should ignore her insults and be polite to her.

polite means that they follow their manners and say their "please"and"thank you" ---- make sure you be polite with everyone!

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