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In your new home when you plug in a hairdryer in the bathroom all the lights dim until the dryer is unplugged how can this be fixed?


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2015-07-16 19:26:11
2015-07-16 19:26:11

Most new wiring codes require dedicated circuit(s) for bathrooms. If the lights are dimming excessively, this could be an indication of a loose connection, which is a fire hazard. Have it checked by a qualified electrician - SOON. The service call is cheap, compared with what a fire could do.

run a dedicated gfci line to your bathroom


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A hairdryer is a device to dry your hair with! A hairdryer is a device to dry your hair with!

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You, my friend, have a problem with your hairdryer! The windings for your motor or the heater are brushing the ground system within the dryer. The whole reason we have GFCI systems is to prevent you from using that very device in your bathroom. Buy a new one!

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It could be that the bathroom circuit simply has more on it so the hair dryer is pushing the circuit beyond its limit. In a typical bathroom, properly wired, this would not be the case. But if there are lights on the circuit other than in the bathroom (it would take a lot of lights for this to be a problem), or if there is a source of heat in the bathroom that is on, this may be where your problem is.

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It is not necessary, there is no power consumption when the dryer is not in operation.

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the first hairdryer was actually the vacuum cleaner. After that in 1920 was the first patented hair dryer which didn,t work well. Then in the 50's was the first properly working hairdryer.

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