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Most new wiring codes require dedicated circuit(s) for bathrooms. If the lights are dimming excessively, this could be an indication of a loose connection, which is a fire hazard. Have it checked by a qualified electrician - SOON. The service call is cheap, compared with what a fire could do.

run a dedicated gfci line to your bathroom

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Q: In your new home when you plug in a hairdryer in the bathroom all the lights dim until the dryer is unplugged how can this be fixed?
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What is a hair dryer?

A hairdryer is a device to dry your hair with! A hairdryer is a device to dry your hair with!

The electrical outlet in my bathroom will power most things but my hair dryer the GFCI is not tripped the hair dryer works fine in other outlets and the fuse doesn't blow?

You, my friend, have a problem with your hairdryer! The windings for your motor or the heater are brushing the ground system within the dryer. The whole reason we have GFCI systems is to prevent you from using that very device in your bathroom. Buy a new one!

Why hair dryer work with bed room outlet but not work with gfci outlet at bath room?

It could be that the bathroom circuit simply has more on it so the hair dryer is pushing the circuit beyond its limit. In a typical bathroom, properly wired, this would not be the case. But if there are lights on the circuit other than in the bathroom (it would take a lot of lights for this to be a problem), or if there is a source of heat in the bathroom that is on, this may be where your problem is.

Should a clothes dryer be unplugged when not in use?

It is not necessary, there is no power consumption when the dryer is not in operation.

Where was the first hair dryer made?

the first hairdryer was actually the vacuum cleaner. After that in 1920 was the first patented hair dryer which didn,t work well. Then in the 50's was the first properly working hairdryer.

Can a jet engine be made using hair dryer?

Yes, as that is basically what a hairdryer is...

What are some of the hazards of having a wall mount hair dryer in a residential bathroom?

The main hazard is related to incorrect installation of the device. As water and electricity do not mix, it is of the utmost importance that the hairdryer is installed by a qualified professional.

What is the Name of the hand held dryer that directs warm air for styling hair?

Um, a hairdryer?

Chi hair dryer that stopped working Who can you contact for repair?

My CHI hairdryer stopped working. Who can repair them?

Is Heating an ice cube with a hair dryer a chemical change?

Heating an Ice cube with a hairdryer is ...Physical change

Why shouldn't you use a hair dryer in the bathroom?


Can you change the dryer plug from a 220 plug to a 110 plug to use a dryer?

No you can't. The dryer is designed to 220, and it won't work. You need a step down transformer rated at the hairdryer wattage.Try Tandy/Radio Shack.

How do you get on the hair dryer in poptropica?

You have to jump onto the counter in the bathroom and than jump from there onto the hair dryer

Could I purchase an attachment for my dryer that will direct the airflow?

Yes, there are nozzle attachments available that will direct the airflow from the hairdryer. You can probably find one for your specific dryer at a beauty supply store.

Has anyone had problems with power flickering and if so what was the cause also have bathroom plugs that when you plug in the lights dim When you when off the power the lights come back up?

Your bathroom plug and light are on the same circuit. When you plug in a hair dryer that uses more electricity then the bulb the bulb will dim. To fix this you need to call an electrician and have him put the lights on a separate circuit from the plugs.

How high to install a dryer receptacle?

For convenience I install the receptacle just above the backboard of the dryer. This way if the dryer is to be moved out of its location it can be unplugged before the move is started. Sometimes the dryer is located in a confined space and it is hard to reach down to the floor level to unplug the dryer with out becoming an acrobat.

What happens when there is an electric current in bathroom?

The lights shine. The fan works. You can use your electric shaver or hair dryer. The radio plays. You need to clarify your question before anyone can answer it in a meaningful way.

What household appliances speed evaporation?

a hairdryer because your hair would dry by itself but with a hair dryer you are speeding up the evaporation of water

Is it hard to move washer and dryer from kitchen to bathroom in a condo unit?

Not at all

Is it hard to move washer and dryer from bathroom to kitchen?

The washer is usually no problem, but you may run into problems with electrical supply and vent for dryer.

How does a hairdryer operate?

There's a small fan motor that blows air past by a heating element, creating a jet of warm air coming from the dryer.

What energy conversion happens when a hairdryer is used to dry your hair?

Electricity is converted partially in to heat by means of a heating element built in the dryer. Another part of electricity is converted to a circular motion of an electric motor with a fan, which forces the hot air out of the hairdryer.

Health and safety when using the hairdryer?

The hair dryer is a common household object used to dry hair at a quicker rate. However, if the hair dryer is placed too close, one could risk injuries from burns and scalding.

How much electricity does a hair dryer use when it's not being used?

None if it's unplugged. It may be using a small amount if it is left plugged in. When the hair dryer is not being used it uses no electricity.

How many watts does a hairdryer use?

It depends on the model, if the hair dryer is a 1500 watt hair dryer, then it uses 1500 watts on high heat. If the hair dryer is a 2000 watt hair dryer, then it uses 2000 watts on high heat. Hair dryers come in all different size wattage, so it depends on the size wattage of the dryer. Most hair dryers are 1500 watts.