In your opinion is Liverpool FC good?

In my opinion, Liverpool FC are one of the best teams in England, however, their quality never pays off.

Liverpool FC have produced some of the finest footballers the world has witnessed. Steven Gerrard, Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush etc.

However, they have a reputation for not winning trophies.

Liverpool FC have never succesfully won a Premier League.

They have won 18 Division 1 titles, but when the Premier League was introduced in 1992, they have yet to win a title.

Michael Owen was at his peak at Liverpool. He helped them to 2nd place in 2001-02.

When Gerard Houllier was manager, Liverpool did very well and Djibril Cisse and many other new faces were brought in.

However, I can't see any manager other than Kenny Dalglish taking Liverpool to first place.

In Europe, it's a different story.

Liverpool FC play incredibly in Europe. Especially in 2005.

The performance displayed by Liverpool FC against AC Milan in the final of the UEFA Champions League was absoloutley magnificent.

That performance showed the world that Liverpool FC will, literally, 'Never Walk Alone'.

If Liverpool are to win the Premier League in the next 5 years, I believe that young players from around the world need to be signed immediately.

Also I reckon that purchasing a few experienced players and keeping the likes of Steven Gerrard and Pepe Reina is vital.

I was shocked when Fernando Torres moved to Chelsea, as both sides have suffered so far.

Chelsea have made nothing of Torres while Aguero and Carroll are struggling to fill in the shoes of Torres.

Overall, one of the most dangerous sides in the world, but massively under-rated.