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Indian name for corn?

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The Native American name for corn is maize. Maize is also the Spanish word for corn. It originated in the Americas.

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What is a Indian name for corn?


Another name for cereal maize?

Corn Flakes Indian corn

What is another name for Indian corn?


What is an American Indian name for corn?


What is another name for corn it was an Indian term?


Where did Indian corn get its name?

The word corn came from the word kernel, prononced cornalby indians.

Why are cornflakes called cornflakes if they are made of maize?

maize is the Indian name for corn.

What is the differences between candy corn and Indian candy corn?

Indian corn is a traditional candy corn with a chocolate flavored base, usually flavored with cocoa.

What makes Indian corn different from regular corn on the cob?

Originally, the term "Indian corn" referred to all varieties of maize discovered in the New World. This was later shortened to "corn". Now, "Indian corn" is used to refer to the multi-colored maize. Also, corn on the cob is usually the sweet corn variety. So, the difference is that the corn on the cob will taste sweeter and the Indian corn will come in multiple colors.

Is Indian corn poisonous?

Indian corn is not poisonous, it is really hard corn which is edible; Indians grind the hard corn into flour, and then make it into tortillas. Popcorn is another variety of flint corn.

Name of indian corn?

Indian corn is Zea mays, and for this reason, most of the world calls it "maize." "Corn" which is from the same root (word) as "cereal," can refer to other edible seeds of the grass family, such as wheat, oats, barley, rye and even rice.

Wampanoag Indian who taught pilgrims to grow corn?

Wampanoag Indian who thought palgiam grow corn

Why is corn called Indian corn?

"Indian corn" is the type of corn that Native Americans raised. It is a type of flint corn with a hard outside layer. It has since been bread into the kinds we have today, a.k.a. field corn, sweet corn, popcorn, etc.

What was the name of the Indian chief that helped the pilgrims survive winter?

Squanto, he taught them to fish, and how to plant corn

What is a protein in Indian corn?


Is Indian an adjective for corn?

Yes, it is.

What are the ingredients to Indian corn stew?

corn, stew, cornbread, tomato and beef.

Is indian corn gluten free?

Yes. Gluten is found in wheat, not corn.

What actors and actresses appeared in Indian Corn - 1972?

The cast of Indian Corn - 1972 includes: Daws Butler as Indian Child Grace Stafford as Woody Woodpecker

Is Indian corn toxic to horses?

No, Indian corn is just fine to feed to horses. Although it is still corn and very starchy, so it should only be fed in small amounts.

Is Indian corn only for decorating?

Toan Do

Is Indian corn posionous?

not if you cook it right

What is a thanksgiving food that starts with an I?

indian corn

What is cornstarch in Nepali called?

Indian corn

What is yellow and white corn on same cob called?

Any multi-colored corn is usually referred to as Indian Corn.

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