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Indian word for direction?

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There are many Indian languages and hence there would be different words. In Hindi, you call it 'disha'.

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What direction is the Indian plate moving?

its moving to the right of Indian

What is another word for 'in the direction of'?

Another word for "in the direction of" is "toward."

What is the lakota Indian word for horse?

The Lakota Indian word for horse is šunkawakan The Lakota Indian word for colt is šunkcincala

How many syllables are in the word 'direction'?

The word 'direction' contains 3 syllables: dir / ec / tion

Can you translate the Indian word Chicopit?

translate hi in indian word

In which direction does the Indian Brook flow?

south east

In which direction does Indian Brook flow?

South east

Does the word Indian always have to be capitalized?

The word Indian must not always capitalized because it adjective. For example Indian occein Indian people Indian countary.

What is the Indian word for ''ghost''?

the Indian word for ''ghost'' is ''bhooth'' [booth]

What is the creek Indian word for grandfather?

The creek indian word for grandfather is puca

Is 'Indian a common noun or proper noun?

The noun 'Indian' is a proper noun as a word for a native American or a person of India. The word 'Indian' is a proper adjective as a word that describes a noun: Indian food, or Indian culture.

Is zayn from one direction the band Indian?

No. He is Pakistani. :D

What is the direction of crustal movement of the Indian and Australian Plate?


Is the word chinquapin an Indian word?


What does the Indian word nkweniss mean?

the indian word nkweniss means grandson

What is a sentence with the word direction?

Let's look in another direction.

What part of speech is the word direction?

The word direction, like other words that end with -ion, is a noun.The girl looked in the direction of the strange noise.

What Indian word means Gem of the Mountains?


Indian word for castes?

Indian word for castes means that idians that are afraid to be known by the world

What does Caribou mean in Indian?

Reindeer ------------------------ The word caribou comes from a Micmac Indian word for "snowshoveler."

What is a sentence for the word direction?

The search team will take a new direction today. I seek direction.

What type of word is direction?

The word 'direction' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for a course taken, instruction, guidance, or supervision.

What is the direction of crustal movement of the Indian- Australian plate?


What is a thirteen letter word for the french and Indian revolution?

What is a thirteen letter word for the French and Indian Revolution?

What is the Indian word for birthday?

Every Indian language will have it's own word. In Hindi, it is called janmadin.