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If your token was made before 1909, when the new Chicago street address system was adopted, the 172-176 N. Clark location would have been north of the river, with a (1N) address at the north bank of the river.

If the token is made of copper and is about the size of a penny, then it may date before the Great Fire of 1871 and perhaps be a token used by the infamous "runners" who enticed newcomers to a shady hotels or boarding houses. However, the word "bar" sounds too contemporary for pre-1871.


There is a book on Illinois tokens of that sort, ie. "Good For" or "Trade Tokens". Trade Tokens of Illinois by Ore Vacketta, out of print, but available from the publisher at . World Exonumia offers a large number of books on tokens/medals/exonumia at

I find the tokens are handy for verifying the addresses of places.

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Q: Information on Chicago tokens
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