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Install front shocks 2001cherokee classic?

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2010-10-24 04:57:39

You need to have a 2x4x5(before you chuckle hear me out). Lift

the car using a jack. make sure the car is in park. remove the

tire. your should figure out if the brake line is in the way of

shock assembly if so you will need to bleed the brakes when done.

remove the lower joint bolt (the bolt that is closer to you which

attaches the brake assembly and rotor). then you take the 2x4x5 and

you brace it under the arm. you might need to lower the jack or

lift depending on where the arm is to brace the block underneath

the arm without falling. Then lower the jack just so the shock is

compressing. now remove the upper bolts holding the top of the

shock assembly in place. do not remove the bolt that is holding the

spring in place as this could create a potential danger. with the

shock still in place remove the bolt which holds the shock in place

(it is the bolt which is on the inside part of the arm. this bolt

is usually a major pain to remove but if you have a thick metal

pipe you could extend your wrench to give is more torque or else

spray some liquid wrench aka wd40 or pb blaster to loosen the bolt.

if you are doing this with a friend have him/her hold the shock

assembly as you heighten the jack to so that the wooden piece would

just fall over. at this point, the shock would come out on both

ends. the next part is tricky, you will need a special spring

compressor tool. make sure you get the one which comes in two

pieces which compress the spring from both sides.

now that you have the shock and assembly use the tool to

compress the spring. make sure you compress evenly on both sides

because if you go too tight on one side the spring will bend to one

side possibly causing physical harm. make sure you compress pretty

tight as this will allow top cover to come off easier. when the top

is off make sure all the washers and padding are reattached in same

order when putting it on the new shocks. keep the spring compressor

attached so that you could just slip it on the new shock unless you

bought a new spring coil to go with new shocks. just tighten the

top lid and it is ready to go on car. install is reverse of

removal, enjoy.

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