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First, if there is not a diagram of the serpentine belt attached somewhere in the engine compartment, draw a picture of how the belt is routed or take a digital photo. It's difficult to reinstall without this reference. Next, loosen the tensioner and remove the belt from the pulley. Raise the front/passenger side of the vehicle and place it on jackstands. Remove the tire and plastic cowl to gain access to the lower part of the engine. Remove the nut (15mm?) at the lower end of the motor mount bracket between the crankshaft and A/C compressor (at the engine, not the mount itself), then, using a Torx (female) socket, remove the center stud (if you're not removing the nut over the Torx stud, you're in the wrong place). Remove the metal sleeve between the bracket and the engine; this will allow you to remove the serpentine belt; you may have to drive it out with a bar and mallet. In some cases, you may need to loosen other bolts on the motor mount or bracket to get the stud and sleeve out. You may also need to support the engine before removing the stud (use a floor jack and a sturdy, flat piece of wood at the oil pan to prevent damage) and slowly raise or lower it to get everything realigned. Good luck!

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Q: Installing a serpentine belt on a 1996 Buick Lesabre?
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If you go to and register as a buick owner (this is free), you can view a pdf(can view with Acrobat Reader) of the owner's manual which has a diagram of the Serpentine belt. Once you register, click on "Glovebox" and then "Owner's Manuals" (in the index of the pdf, it is called "Belt, Engine Accessory")

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