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Interest rates in Indian Banks?


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The best Interest Rates on Term/Fixed Deposits in India, as of November 2011 are:

Short Term (Approximately around 6 months)

Bank NameRate of InterestDeposit PeriodHDFC Bank7.75%6 month 16 daysICICI Bank7.75%190 daysPunjab National Bank8%180 days to Less than 1 yearState Bank of India7.25%91 days to 179 daysIndian Bank7.75%181 days to 9 monthsAxis Bank7.5%6 months to Less than 1 yearKarur Vysya Bank7.65%31 days to 270 daysIndian Overseas Bank7.75%91 days to 120 daysIDBI Bank8%91 days to Less than 6 monthsKotak Mahindra Bank7.75%91 days t0 180 days

Long Term (1 year or More)

Bank NameRate of InterestDeposit PeriodHDFC Bank9.25%1 year 16 daysICICI Bank9.25%390 daysPunjab National Bank9.35%777 daysState Bank of India9.25%Greater than 1 yearIndian Bank9.5%1 to 3 yearsAxis Bank9.4%1 year to 14 monthsKarur Vysya Bank9.75%1 to 3 yearsIndian Overseas Bank9.25%444 daysBank or Baroda9.35%444 daysIDBI Bank9.5%500 daysKotak Mahindra Bank9.5%1 year to 389 days