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Summary of RIZAL IN THE 19th Century Philippines

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They were executed by garrote in 17 February 1872 in Bagumbayan, PhilippinesΒ 

What were the native inhabitants called

What were the people called with Spanish blood

The opening of suez canal, one of the important artificial waterways in the worldΒ  was onΒ Β 

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Q: Interpretation given in rizal's Junto Al Pasig?
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What modern interpretation has been given to the play Macbeth?


What book is this quote from All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth?

None, this looks like a quote incorrectly attributed to Nietzsche.

What are those called who favored a broad interpretation of the constitutional powers given to congress?

Liberal constructionists.


Depends on the fact. This question can not be answered since the subject is not given.

The courts have tended to support administration as long as their agencies?

The court can support an administration given that their agencies will meet a given criteria. The agencies can get support if they can apply rational statute interpretation.

What is the definition of interperitation?

Interpretation is the way in which the mind percieves/deciphers a given situation, problem, concept, idea etc.

What does based on interpretations mean?

interpretation means interpreating the data based on the given data... eg..1 2 4 8__ here next data is 16... this is what an interpretation is..

What is the inference and observation?

Observation is stating a given fact that has nothing to do with your opinion. In contrast to that an inference is when you make an assumptions based on your INTERPRETATION of a fact.

What provided evidence for the existence of a nucleus in an atom?

The familiar alpha particle scattering by thin gold foil experiment has given evidence for the existence of hard nucleus at the central region of the atom. The relevent interpretation was given by Rutherford.

What is the interpretation of the Hebrew name Yahweh given in the scriptural text in Exodus What is a better expression of the meaning of that name?

I am who am or "I am who I am." Better expressed as "I am the One who is always present."

What authority is given to government agencies to interpret the constitution?

Interpretation is left up to the Supreme Court and other lower courts. Agencies have no authority to interpret the Constitution.

Who introduced triple talaq?

Muslim jurisprudence evolved by and by. Though the rules and instructions about Talaq, divorce are given in the Qur'an, confusion sometimes arises because of interpretation.

What is the final interpretation of the content amd scope of America's civil liberties?

The content and scope varies with time, but the final arbiter at any given time is the U.S. Supreme Court.

What did Hamilton feel about Jefferson's beliefs in relation to the constitutiion?

Essentially, Hamilton believed in a loose interpretation of the Constitution and used a loose interpretation to support a strong Federal Government and Jefferson believed in a strict interpretation, and was in favor of a not so strong Federal Government with more power and rights being given to the States. The stem of much of their disagreement was their interpretations of the Elastic, or Necessary and Proper clause of the Constitution (Article 1 Sec. 8 Clause 18).

What is Meaning of pearl jam garden of stone lyrics?

Its a rebellion song for sure, open to interpretation, given the grunge movement at that time, i guess its safe to assume it had to do with every thing American that went against the gunge culture and values of that time, which were being thursted upon the youth. Else than that, the song remains open to interpretation

What does data vary mean?

It means that the 'data' (i.e.: information or statistics) that is given or quoted, is subject to more than one interpretation, or that sources of the data give varying information for the same subject.

What is a basic metabolic panel w egfr?

A basic metabolic panel is blood test that checks many different levels in the human body. This is done in a laboratory and the results are given to the physician for interpretation.

Who is allowed to interpret the Bible in The Orthodox Church?

The Bible has been interpreted by the holy Fathers of the church. These are saints who have given their inspired interpretation, such as St Athanasius the Great, St John Chrysostom, St Basil the Great, St Gregory the Theologian, and other similar saints of the church. There is no need for any further interpretation, as this could lead to personal opinions and errors. Everything we need for our salvation has already been given to us. Therefore, modern day interpretations are regarded as being irrelevant and do not provide anything needful.

What Zodiac Sign Is The Planet Eris Related To?

The dwarf planet Eris has no association with any given zodiac sign. It carries themes of discord, petty jealousy and strife, but has not been studied long enough for precise interpretation. Because it takes more than 500 years to travel through a given zodiac sign it applies more to ages of humanity than given individuals.

What theme requires careful reading and interpretation?

A theme that requires the reader to give an analysis of the discourse and rhetoric is one that requires careful reading and interpretation of the text. One example would be a mystery/suspense novel that requires you to be able to connect the dots by paying close attention to the clues given by the writer. You also need to be able to recognize and discard red herrings.

When was Christianity most powerful?

That depends whether you mean politically, in terms of participants, locale, reports of miracles over a given time, or any other interpretation of "powerful". Given that all the power resides with God, Christianity has always had both no power in itself, and infinite power when needed.

What is meant by speaking in tongues?

Speaking in tongues can have two meanings. 1. A person is given the gift of speaking in the language of the people they are adressing, usually until their message is given, the gift is then taken from them. 2 The person speaking in their own language is heard to be speaking in the language of the listener. This is referred to as the speaking in tongues and the interpretation of tongues.

How valid or reliable are the statistics presented on the evening news?

Some news programs are more reliable than others. Also bear in mind, even when you are given accurate statistics, their interpretation may still be wrong.

Does the trustee pay tax for minors distributions in a deceased estate trust Also do minors get a tax credit and does this depend on whether they work part time?

Not enough specifics given to answer. All examples given are subject to interpretation of the applicable state tax law and federal tax codes, and cannot be answered in a 'general' fashion.

What title is given to believers in Islam?

A believer is know as a MU'MIN and a MUSLIM. The first means believer implying that the person has belief in God. The latter has a wide range of meanings. The most common interpretation is: one who submits to the will of God.