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the Old Stone Age, or Paleolithic Age, and the New Stone Age, or

Neolithic Age.


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All of the Stone Age was prehistoric. When it is divided into two parts they are the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic) and the new Stone Age (Neolithic).

The two parts of the Stone Age are the Paleolithic Period and the Neolithic Period!!!

There's actually three parts to the Stone Age. There's the Old Stone Age, the Middle Stone Age, and the New Stone Age. To learn more about them you can Google them, there actually pretty interesting!

The Stone Age can be divided into two or more periods, depending on what you are looking at. It is common to use two (Paleolithic, Neolithic) or three (Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic) divisions, but these can be further divided by specialists.

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The paleolithic era is thought to have ended about 20,000 years ago, when the neolithic era began; the greatest difference between these two parts of the stone age is that agriculture was introduced, which made a profound difference in the way people lived.

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The Middle Stone Age is also called the Middle Paleolithic or Mesolithic Ages. There are two different systems of naming. One has Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages, with the Middle Stone Age being equivalent of the Middle Paleolithic Age. The other divides the Stone Age into the Old Stone Age, or Paleolithic, the Middle Stone Age or Mesolithic, and the New Stone age or Neolithic.

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