Inuit natural resources

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Q: Inuit natural resources
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What are the Inuit natural resources?

what are Inuit natural resources

What are the resources of the Inuit?

the resources of the Inuits were natural,human,and capital resources.

What were there natural resources of the Inuit tribe?

They were not a tribe. Inuit is a race of people. Some natural resources were fish, berries, and animal wildlife.

What natural resources did the Inuit tribe have?


What is Inuit Indians natural resources capital resources and human resources?

For the natural resources, the inuit indians mostly hunted an animal called the caribou. They also fished. but what i wanted to know also was the human resources. I have a test on the American Indians

What are the natural resources of Inuits?

The natural resources of the Inuit might be ice fish and other animals like foxes and caribou.

What were some natural resources that the Inuit relied on?

Whale and seal blubber Caribou any wood available from the tundra

What are the capital resources of the Inuit?

all kind of skin

What resources did the inuit tribe have?

the ocean because they get food and water out of it

What has the author Dennis De Pape written?

Dennis De Pape has written: 'A socioeconomic evaluation of Inuit livelihood and natural resource utilization in the tundra of the Northwest Territories' -- subject(s): Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Renewable natural resources, Economic conditions, Eskimos, Renewable natural resources

What did the inuit use as natural resources?

Everything, the great spirit and the earth provide material for all needs and that material is borrowed not owned for when it is no longer needed it goes back to the earth.

Why are native Inuit people allowed to hunt narwhals legally?

because resources

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