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Yes, September 1, 1939

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Did Adolf Hitler invade Poland before warld war 2?

No, Hitler invasion of Poland started World War 2. World War started on September 1st 1939, this was the day Hitler ordered the Invasion of Poland.

Stalin's pact with Hitler in 1939 led to?

The German invasion of Poland

Who was the leader of Germany during its invasion of Poland in 1939?

Adolf Hitler

Where was the first Hitler invasion?

Hitler first invaded Austria. The Invasion of Poland was merely the invasion that was the catalyst for WWII; as that day September 1 1939, War was declared on Germany.

What marked the beginning of World War 2?

Invasion of Poland by Hitler and Germany

Which country would not give Hitler access to danzig of fear of invasion?

Poland .

After his invasion of Poland what countries did Hitler turn his forces against next?


Which country would not give Hitler access to Danzig because of fear of invasion?


Which country would not give Hitler access to Danzig because of fear on invasion?

Poland (:

What act by Hitler finally forced Britain and France to declare war?

The invasion of Poland.

Is it true Hitler's invasion of Poland led the Soviet Union to declare war against Germany?

No. Hitler had a Pact with the Soviet Union that split Poland between them. The invasion of Poland lead Britain and France to declare war on Germany. The Soviets entered the war when Hitler invaded Russia.

Why did the invasion of Poland start?

Hitler made a deal with Stalin to divide Poland. The Germans invaded in September of 1939. Hitler wanted to expand Germany to become as large as possible.

Invasion of Poland?

Invasion of Poland

Why did the German Invasion of Poland end?

Because on the other side of Poland was the Russian provinces and Hitler did not have the supplies to start a war with Russia.

When did Hitler invade Poland?

Hitler invaded Poland on Friday the 1st of September 1939, and war was declared by Neville Chamberlain two days later.

What country did Adolf Hitler invade first?

The first country that Adolf Hitler invaded was Poland. The invasion of Poland on September 1st, 1939 marked the beginning of the second World War.

Which war did Hitler start?

World War 2, with his invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939.

What event sparked world war 2?

The invasion of Poland by the German Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

Who did Hitler invade that caused France and Britain to declare war on Germany?

Invasion of Poland in 1939

Why did Poland enter ww ii?

WW2 began with the invasion of Poland by Hitler in 1939, so they didn't "enter" the war. They were the start of the war.

What were the weapons used in the invasion of Poland in 1939?

Germany, led by Hitler, invaded Poland in 1939. Weapons used during the invasion included tanks, over 2,000 airplanes, machine guns, and rifles.

Did Hitler sign a treaty with the Soviet Union to make sure his invasion of Poland was successful?

no, a German minister did it for him.

After his invasion of Poland in 1939 Hitler used what military ideas to proceed into northern and western Europe?


What act of Hitler started world war 2?

The German invasion of Poland on 1st September 1939.

What country did World War 2 begin with the German invasion of?

Poland...the allies put their foot down and said enough when Hitler invaded Poland