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An Irish wedding tradition is to get married with a ring called a claddagh, the hands represent friendship, the crown royalty and the heart means love. Sometimes this ring gets passed down from a parent before the child is married, if this is so, you wear the crown facing in if you're in a relationship and out if you're single.

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Q: Irish wedding traditions?
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What are Irish weddings like?

A Irish wedding are absolutely beautiful and full of Irish traditions

What is the history behind Irish weddings and traditions?

Try checking out these websites. The first URL is a very good one. Irish weddings have several key traditions that can be traced back through history. Usually, these traditions have to do with religious beliefs and some element of superstition. Here is a quick outline of some traditions of Irish weddings:* 'Marry in May and Rue The Day'. The Irish used this rhyme to show their superstition of May weddings. They believed it was luckier to marry in April instead, and they had another rhyme about April weddings, "Marry in April if you can, joy for maiden and for man. * Horseshoes for Luck: Irish brides would carry horseshoes on their wedding day: they are thought to bring good fortune to the bride and groom. The horseshoe should be carried turned up, according to Irish tradition. * Music: Irish music is always featured at a true Irish wedding. The joyous, lilting sounds of Irish music are an important part of any Irish celebration.There are many other Irish wedding traditions, which are fun to learn about, and easy to incorporate into your own wedding. This website has a section dedicated to Irish weddings:

Do you have to be Irish to have an Irish wedding?

Not necessarily.

What traditions do the Irish have?

The Irish celebrate traditional holidays like Halloween and Christmas. The Irish also have rich traditions in folk music and folklore.

Do you have to marry an Irish man in a Irish wedding?

Not necessarily. A man from another country could marry an Irish woman and have an Irish wedding too.

Where can one find Irish wedding rings?

Irish wedding rings can be purchased from Zales, Heavenly Treasures, Celtic Revival, Amazon, and on auction sites like eBay. Irish wedding rings are a tradition in Irish culture.

what are some old fashioned Irish traditions?

There are many different Irish family traditions that you can continue. You can say Irish blessings at family events, you can follow traditions such as dressing in traditional garb, and by celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Why would couples consider Irish engagement rings?

If couples are Irish and believe in the traditions of a Celtic or Irish background, then couples would consider and Irish engagement ring. Some of the traditions of the Irish are considered to be very sacred.

What is the best place to find Irish wedding rings?

The best place to find a Irish wedding ring would be to go online to Irish wedding At this place you could really get a great deal of Irish prices and merchandise.

What are Irish wedding rings known for?

Beautiful Irish wedding rings are a mix of Celtic art and metalwork. The intricate designs of Irish wedding rings are stunning and each design comes with it's own history.

How do you write wedding in Gaelic?

In Irish it's pósadh (wedding) / lá pósta (wedding day)

Traditions of Ireland?

Ireland has several traditions that they follow and celebrate. A few traditions they have are for death, Christmas, Easter, and Irish blessing.

When was Haste to the Wedding - Irish jig - created?

Haste to the Wedding - Irish jig - was created on 1999-07-17.

Are there any Irish Catholic food traditions?

well on Christmas the Irish eat ham.

What did the irish use to maintain Celtic traditions?


What are some Irish American traditions?

There are many great Irish American traditions that happen every year in the United States. One of these traditions is drinking on St. Patrick's Day. Some of the Catholic Irish-Americans actually go to church on St. Patrick's Day- and attend Mass.

How can one inquire about hiring Irish wedding bands to play music at the reception?

One can inquire about hiring Irish wedding bands to play music at the reception on various websites like Weddings. One could also visit a local wedding store and ask information about hiring Irish wedding bands in there.

How can one have an Irish Christmas?

Ireland shares many of the Christmas traditions present around the world. Several uniquely Irish traditions are swimming in the Irish sea, watching horse races and leaving a bottle of Guiness out for Santa Claus.

What Irish traditions spread to the US?

St. Patrick's Day

What are the ethnic communities and their traditions in the state of Georgia?

I think that there are Hispanic communities.They have Quinceneras.There might also be an Irish community but I am not sure about the traditions.

What color is considered the traditional color of an Irish wedding?


How to say wedding anniversery in Irish?

comóradh lae pósta

How do you celebrate an Irish wedding?

Bit of a strange question, considering a wedding is just a wedding....... Well I'm Irish, like literally from Ireland, living there all my life, ancestry is Irish, parents etc, none of this quarter Irish bull. 100% prime Irish beef haha. A real Irish wedding, you go to the church, get married, go to a hotel where everyone stays and you have your afterparty, which usually lasts a day or two. When you're having the wedding meal in the hotel, you do your speaches and all, then when the meal is over everyone is given an hour or two to have chats and mingle, and drink, then the band comes in, and the party kicks off, usually lasts until early morning, 6am sometimes the next day you'll be drinkin like a maniac. That's yer average Irish wedding. You spend most of it drunk, fits our stereotype hahaha.

Is it appropiate to acknowledge both Green and Orange Irish on St. Patrick's Day?

Yes. St. Patrick is for all Irish people. The green traditions and orange traditions are both Christian and it was Christianity that St. Patrick preached in Ireland, so it is important to all Irish Christians.

What is the Gaelic translation for the word wedding?

In Irish it's pósadh / lá póstaADDITIONALLYBainis as in "ar an mbainis" (at the wedding).