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Which part of the cell membrane prevents the cell from dissolving in water

What is it called when a molecule uses energy to move across a semipermeable membrane

Why is the phloem in a leaf important to the roots of a plant

What is the name for the protective structure that forms around an embryo

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Q: Is atis sexually or asxually
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What is the common name of ATIS?

common name of atis

Is atis a monocot or a dicot?

atis is a dicot or monocot

Is the word atis a common noun?

There is no word 'atis' in English.

When was Atis Slakteris born?

Atis Slakteris was born in 1956.

How tall is Resmine Atis?

Resmine Atis is 5' 8".

When did Atis Kronvalds die?

Atis Kronvalds died on 1875-02-17.

When was Atis Kronvalds born?

Atis Kronvalds was born on 1837-04-15.

What has the author Cahit Atis written?

Cahit Atis has written: 'Ingilizce alistirmalar' 'Ingilizce calistirmalar'

What is the scientific name for atis?

Atis, also known as a Sugar Apple, has the scientific name Annona squamosa.

What is custard apple in tagalog?


Scientific name of atis?


What are the indigenous peoples of the Visayas?

the atis

What is sugar apple in filipino?


Is atis monocot or dicot?

it is a dicot

How do you get the extract the atis leaf?

extract it

What is Atis Fruit or Vegetable?

its a fruit

Are atis is a monocot?

Artis is dicot

What is the English translation of the phrase amatorius ab atis?

amatorius ab atis... means: "Love is induced/created by sugar apples"The phrase is a mixture of Latin (amatorious ab) and Tagalog (atis, sugar apple).

What is English of atis?

Sweetsop or Sugar Apple

What is the scientific name of atis?

anona squamosa

Pictures of fruits beginning with the letter a?


What is the chemical component of atis seed?


What is English word of atis?

custard apple

What is the venation of atis?

ndi ko alm

What is the adaptation of atis?

the proving fact of things