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Is Batmans conservative?

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What is batmans motto?

i think batmans motto is never give up.

What are batmans weaknessess?

He is mortal and has no superpowers.

What is batmans headquarters?

The batcave,it's a cave

What is Batmans Weakness?

He is mortal and has no superpowers.

Who is batmans helpers?

Robin or his Butler xxx

Who were batmans perents?

Thomas and Martha Wayne

Who is batmans boss?

batman is his own boss

Who is batmans name?

Bruce Wayne or dick grayson there are two batmans When Bruce Wayne went missing Dick Grayson took on the identity of Batman.

Who was batmans mom?

Batman's mom is Martha Wayne

What are Batman's special abilities?

what is batmans secret idnity???

What is batmans main power?

None. Batman has no "powers".

On Batman which enemy of Batmans has green hair?

The Joker is a crazy phsyco clown who is this way because of a bad accident.He is Batmans worst enemy.And yes,he has green hair.

What is the name of Batmans brother?

Batman has no brother; he was an only child.

What does Batmans suit do?

Protects his body and stops him from being naked

What is Batman arkam asylam for?

for all batmans psychotic enemies

What colour is batmans eyes?

Batman's eye color is blue.

Who is Robin really?

Batmans little girl cousin du

What is Batmans favorite movie?

As a fictional character, he doesn't have one.

How is trail ridge formed?

it brakes and becomes the batmans son

Who is carli crawford?

Carli Crawford is Spiderman. And Batmans friend. :)

What is Batman's hamartia?

Batmans tragic flaw is his paranoia and his obsessiveness.

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