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Black pepper isn't a living thing, but you put it on food and stuff!

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Q: Is black pepper a living thing?
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Related questions

Is spicy pepper biotic or abiotic?

A pepper is Biotic because it is a living thing

What does pepper contain?

Plain pepper is it's own thing . It comes in several varieties, but black grond pepper is most common for table use.

What is the hottest pepper-ground red pepper or black?

black pepper

Is lemon zest the same thing as lemon pepper?

No. Lemon zest is the outer skin (the yellow part) of a lemon. Lemon pepper is a mixture of dried granulated lemon zest and black pepper.

What is the difference from black peppercorn and ground pepper?

That I know, its the same thing. Ground pepper is black peppercorns ground up. I think some recipes ask for both for the reason that ground black pepper penetrates food differently than just having the whole corn there. Freshly ground pepper from the peppercorns also tastes a lot better

What is the scientific name of black pepper?

black pepper

What food includes black pepper?

black pepper,

What is the difference between black pepper and white pepper?

Black pepper is the whole peppercorn and white pepper is the peppercorn with the shell removed. Black pepper has a black outer shell that has a strong flavor while white pepper is milder in flavor. Use white pepper in dishes such as white sauce where color makes a difference in presentation. Darker dishes will use the black pepper.

Why the colour of black pepper is black?

Not always black, there is white pepper too.

What black pepper contain?

Black pepper contains ground black peppercorns. Also, your question should have said, "What does black pepper contain?".

Is black pepper a herb or shrub?

why black pepper a herb

Is black pepper a shrub or herb?

why black pepper a herb

Is black pepper a nightshade?

Black pepper is not a nightshade, though nearly every other pepper variety is.

What is the black pepper's scientific name?

Black pepper is piper nigrum.

Is black pepper vegan?

Yes, black pepper is come from a plant.

Is the nail a living thing?

yes. if a nail was dead, it would turn black. they are living.

Is black pepper a pure substance?

No, black pepper is not a pure substance. Instead, black pepper is what we call a mixture substance. However, salt is a pure substance.

Is a pepper corn considered a fruit?

Pepper corn is a Spice - a small black dimpled grain and is available in powdered form as black pepper and white pepper.

What is pepper pot?

Pepper pot is the pot with black pepper inside and you can twist or shake it for the black pepper to come out on your food to add spice or make it tasty!

What is the density of black pepper?

The density of black pepper is 550 granules per liter. This can vary depending on the brand of the pepper.

What is ground black pepper made out of?

Black pepper consists of ground dried peppercorns, which are the tiny fruits of the pepper plant Piper nigrum.

Does black pepper conduct electricity?

yes it does, because black pepper has ions for it to conduct electricity.

How many calories are in black pepper?

There are zero calories in black pepper. 0

What country does black pepper come from?

Black Pepper is native to South India

Is white pepper healthier than black pepper?

black is healthier :o)