Is Dave batista single

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Susan Gutkowski

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2y ago

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Yes, He was married twice, first marriage to Glenda, who he had 2 kids by. In the early 1990s. Then divorced & married again to a women named Angie in 1998. But divorced in 2006. Then he dated Meline... but now Batista is single.

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Elwin Williamson

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2y ago
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Q: Is Dave batista single
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Are Dave Batista and Angie back together?

Dave Batista is NOT back with Angie , Dave is single.

That's not true Dave Batista is Single?

Batista is indeed single, he and Angie divorced a couple of years ago

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???? He Is Single!

Dave Batista Single?

Yes he and Angie are divorced

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Dave batista

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Dave Batista is a former WWE Wrestler...

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yes its Dave batista

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Dave Batista

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Dave Batista does have kids. Two girls

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this isn't a question and batista is called Dave

Who is briyanna batista?

Dave batista's daughter

Who is Dave batista?

No GirlfriendDave Batista does not have a girlfriend.