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Q: Is happy a telling word or a action word?
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Is happy an action verb?

No, the word 'happy' is not a verb; happy is an adjective, a word that describes a noun. The noun form is happiness; the adverb form is happily. There is no verb form.

Is the word patiently an adverb?

Yes, patiently is an adverb of manner, telling how an action was performed.

Is the word chew an adjective?

no, chew is a verb, or action word, like jump or punch. An adjective is a describing word like dumb or happy.

How do you use the word consequence in sentence?

What is the consequence of always telling the truth? His action was of little consequence to the team's efforts.

What is an action arrow?

An arrow that is telling about the action and the direction it is reacting.

Are parakeets noisy?

Just depends on how they are feeling. they are hyper when they are ( hyper | happy|excited|scared|nervous) i found out by my parakeets telling me the word that they feel. i found out when she said " HAPPY! BRAWHK!"

How happy is Togepi?

Theres No way of telling(Sorry =( )

What is an happy action?


What do you do if a girl is telling your friend that she is moving without telling the you?

Sit down and have a convo with her about it flat out ask he if she is not happy

When did Double Fine Happy Action Theater happen?

Double Fine Happy Action Theater happened in 2012.

What can happen telling your girlfriend that she is so sweet?

she'll be happy??

Can the word happy be a noun?

The word 'happy' is an adjective, a word that describe a noun: a happy baby, a happy time.The noun form for the adjective happy is happiness.

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