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Q: Is it helpful to go for an online doctor consultation?
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Can you give me an example sentence with the word consultation?

My doctor called in a specialist for consultation on my case.

What happens if the body cannnot control its internal temperature?

Then go and find a doctor for consultation.

Where might one go online to find information on debt consultation?

Information on debt consultation can be found online from many different sources. Some examples of these sources include Consumer, Green Path, and Consumer Credit.

How to get elderly parent who is exhibiting paranoia and possibly schizerphrenia to see doctor?

Often the patient may also have symptoms to do with anxiety (nervousness) or insomnia (problems sleeping). Using one of these as the inital reason to go and see the Doctor may seem acceptable to your parent. You could also leave the Doctor a message about your concerns for them to read prior to the consultation to give the Doctor a 'heads up'. This allows them to direct the consultation in an appropriate direction. If possible accompany your parent in the consultation.

Where can i get some diabetic teasting supplies?

Your can check online at or go to your local CVS or Walgreens pharmacy for assistance. You may want to check with your doctor also, as they may have helpful information.

How do you get a doctor's check up in virtual families?

go into the store and look for the doctors consultation under the medicine section !! hope this helped :D

Purpose of clinical chart in hospital?

The clinic chart from you family doctor supplements your health history at the hosptial. It can be very helpful if you have frequent visits of not very helpful if you hardly ever go to you family doctor.

What coledge do you have to go to be a doctor?

What I would do is go online to education or something to figure that out. (College)

How should I use Xanax?

Go through the guidelines provided by the doctor to ensure safety during the treatment. In case if encounter any difficulty and query so have a consultation with your doctor or pharmacist. order here : rehabilative. com

What are some online diet plans to help me lose weight fast?

Well try eating less.Then go to your doctor and get water pills to help you lose weight. It might be helpful if you do not eat before going to bed too.

Can you get a consultantion?

I've never heard of this but you can get a consultant or a consultation you can even get a consultation with a consultant but it may take a while if you go through the NHS

Are there any physician assistant positions available?

Many places online that you can go to get a doctor's assistant position in accordance with jejang your future career. Did you go with an online computer.

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