Is thomas Paine single

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Stanford Davis

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No, thomas Paine is not single.

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Enola Bergstrom

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2y ago
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Q: Is thomas Paine single
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Who were the leaders of The Enlightenment of America?

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine A+

How many children did Thomas Paine have?

thomas paine had 0 kids

Who wrote common sense a pamphlet that convinced many Americans that complete break with Britain was necessary?

Thomas Paine.

Was Thomas Paine a vegetarian?

There is no evidence that Thomas Paine was a vegetarian.

Who was the author for common sense?

thomas Paine

What is Thomas Paine's middle name?

Thomas Adams Paine

Who is the aurthor of common sense and the crisis?

Thomas Paine

What are Thomas paine's contribution?

Thomas Paine's contribution was the Continental Congress.

Who wrote the pamphlet common sense in which it was argued that the colonies should declare independent?

Thomas Paine. :) Yes, that was the fellow.... your welcome.

What were Thomas Paine's Accomplishments?

thomas paine helped patriots win the war

What influenced Thomas Paine's writings?

thomas Paine was influenced by Rousseau's argument

When did Thomas O. Paine die?

Thomas O. Paine died in 1992.