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Is 'black line' a danger to the child or his teeth?

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It isn't harmful to the child or his teeth. It just needs to be cleaned off, by a professional probably. Then you should take extra care to brush the child's teeth a little longer each time you brush them and brush them at least twice a day. Don't brush harder or use a hard bristle brush. Use a soft bristle brush and brush longer. The child should eventually get rid of the bacteria in his mouth that is causing the staining. Try changing a few things in his diet; less sugar, less caffeine, stuff like that. If you talk with his dentist, they will have better suggestions for you also.

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What can cause your child to have thin silver lines on her teeth?

it happened to me when I was a child. It was just one line on many of my teeth. They disappeared as mysteriously as they appeared.

What causes Black line stain on your teeth?

using dip

Ingredient in Listerine causes black line between teeth?


How do you treat black holes in teeth below gum line?

A dentist has to see that. And don't postpone it too long - the black things on the teeth are caries, and they have a tendency to grow.

Why do you get black line stain?

Bacteria grows on the teeth creating plaque. The black line stain is created from plaque but it's a different bacteria found normally near the gums

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What caused black line stain of teeth?

Black-line stain has a very different origin and requires an alternate method of removal. This stain is calculus-like and forms along the gingival third of the tooth near the gingival margin. Black line stain is seen in patients of all ages, yet is more common in women and in patients with good oral hygiene. There appears to be a natural tendency to forming black line stain as it often reforms despite regular self-care. The quantity of black line stain may be less when plaque biofilm is eticulously removed.3 Black line stain is firmly attached to the teeth and often requires moderate scaling to be removed. from:

Can black line stain be removed from teeth?

Yes. A dental hygienist can remove the stain. This stain is not a reflection of poor dental hygiene.

What can cause a black line to form on back of teeth not on the gum line?

Sounds like black line stain - it is a pellicle stain caused by gram-positive bacteria on your teeth. It is common in women and children. A dental hygenist can help remove it, but sadly it is quite tenacious and will grow back rapidly. * Tobacco stains. * Coffee stains. * Tea Stains. * Stains to some kind of spices.

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