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Talk to your doctor they will be able to give you the range which is "normal" for your body type!!!

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2006-03-30 20:08:57
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Q: Is 100 pounds normal for a 14-year-old girl?
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Is 100 pounds a normal weight for a 5'2 feet tall girl?

100 pounds is considered normal, its close to underweight though.

Is 100 pounds normal for a 10 year old girl?

It is a bit high.

Is 100 pounds normal for a 5'1' 13-year-old girl?

Yes it's totally normal

Is it normal for a 10 year old girl to be 80 pounds and is almost 5 feet?

Since she is 5' tall, she is slightly under the normal which is 100 pounds +/- 10 pounds.

Is 100 pounds normal for a 4' 10 11-year-old girl?

It is a bit high.

Is 97 pounds normal for a girl who is 5'6 tall?

I'm 5'6" and 100 pounds, so I would say that's normal. I think we'll fill out as we get older ;)

How much should a 4' 9 girl weigh?

i am 4'9 and wiegh around 80-85 pounds. This is a normal wieght.

Is 80 pounds normal for a 12 year old girl that's 4 feet 9 inches?

that is in fact normal not bad at all 100% normal

Is 141 pounds normal for a 12 year old girl?

Average weight for a 12 year girl is a little under 100 pounds. 141 pounds is well above average unless the girl is also very tall.

What is the normal weight of 4' and 5' girls?

well, the normal weight for a 5 foot girl is probably about 100-125 pounds depending on your age. for a 4 foot girl would probably be 50-70 pounds depending on your height. I am 12 and I am 4'11' and 90 pounds. I guess that is normal weight.

WHAT IS THE Ideal weight FOR A nine year old girl 4'9?

Perhaps 70-80 pounds for normal, 80-90 pounds for chunky, 90-100 pounds for overweight.

Is 235 pounds too heavy for a 5 foot 5 inch girl to weigh?

235 pounds is around 100 pounds too heavy for good health and a normal active life.

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