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There is no "normal" IQ for any individual. Most familiar IQ tests are centered at 100 points, with a standard deviation of 10 or 15 points. So an average IQ can be thought to be between 90 and 100 points or 85 and 115 points, respectively.

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Q: Is 108 IQ normal for a 16-year-old female?
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Is it normal for a 33-year-old female to have an IQ of 101?

Yes, that is average.

You are 13 and have an IQ of 108 is that good or bad?

108 is around the normal. Do not let IQ numbers indicate to you what you are capable of doing. 90% of your ability comes from the heart. If you develop a passion for accomplishing something and you really put everything into; you will do it. Now, your IQ if valid, says do not worry, go for what you want.

Is 108 IQ good for a 28year old?

The average IQ is 95-105, so 108 is slightly above average.

What is a 108 adults IQ compared to a child's IQ?

It means you are average, my IQ is 138 and I am 11

Is 108 a good IQ for a 15 year old?

Average IQ for ANY age is 100. 108 is slightly above average. Age has nothing to do with one's IQ score.

What is a normal IQ score?

The normal IQ is 91 to 110.

Is it normal for a 6th grader to have an IQ of 108?

100 +/- (plus or minus) ten is average. See the related question below for details.

Is 108 a bad IQ when you are just 11?

No it's average. When I was eleven that was my iq too.

Is an IQ score of 108 good for a 7 year old?

An IQ score of 108 is slightly above average. It is pretty good regardless of age.

Is the IQ of 108 good for a fifty nine year old female?

An I.Q. of 108 is on the higher end of average for people, and is quite respectable for a 59-year-old female. For more information on the measurement of intelligence quotients, see the related links.

Is 109 a good IQ for 14 year old female?

IQ is standardized at 100 which is average/normal. 109 is above average but not a lot. Age does not matter because IQ does not change with age or gender.

Is a 108 a good IQ score for a 16 year old male?

108 is a good IQ score for anyone. It is a little above average, and that's fine.

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