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You can only use 10w40 if it is listed in your owners manual as an acceptable weight of oil for the engine.

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Q: Is 10w40 also good instead of 5w30?
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Can you use 10 w 40 in a 1998 dodge avenger es?

yes, but it's not recommended or good for the engine. 5w30 is the factory recommended oil. it's not as thick, where 10w40 will likely clog the engine.

What kinda of oil for a 1994 Chevy Suburban?

5W30 GTX Gastrol is a real good oil to use. Kendell is good to. Factory weight is 5W30

What is a good engine oil to use for a 2004 pt crusier?

Any major brand 5w30.Any major brand 5w30.

Is 10W40 to thick of an oil to put in a four cylinder engine?

The majority of 4 cylinders use a good 10W 40 Motor oil. No It Will Do Just Fine With 10W40

Which oil for VW Polo?

usually 10w40 semi synthetic is a good choice

What type oil 1977 gl1000 goldwing?

10w40 is good. Check out Motul.

Is 10W40 a good oil for a Dodge Dakota V6 engine?

It's probably not bad in warmer climates (say above freezing), and maybe even beneficial in southern USA summers, but ultimately depends on the operating environment. If you live in a particularly cold climate, 10W40 definitely wouldn't be the best choice in the winter. Many newer Dakota engines call for 5W30 across the board, but check with your local Dodge dealer for the best choice for your operating environment.

What kind of oil does your 1100 Honda take?

A good quality 10w40 oil is good. Check with your local Honda dealer.

What type of oil for a 1996 Nissan Sentra gxe?

what type of oil should i change for Nissan sentra 2006 Normally 10W30 or 10W40 is good thicker for older cars 10W40 is thicker FYI

What kind of motor oil do you use in a 2002 mustang?

A good brand of 5w30

What type of oil is used for a 1966 327 Chevy motor?

10w40 would be a good choice for this engine.

What type of oil does a 1991 Geo Metro need?

Whatever brand you prefer. Just make sure it's a good brand 5w-30 weight. Here is more input: * 5W30 oil in your choice of brands will work just fine. * Regular 5w30 in cold climate. Use synthetic oil. Works wonders. * 10w40 or 10w30, Chilton book warns against using synthetic oil saying it causes leakage in the motor. It recommends 10w30 as an all around oil.

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