Is 153 pounds considered overweight if you are 5'5''?

Yes, it is a little over weigh depending on your bone structure. If you are big bone it may not be.

Hey my names Ashley and i don't think ur over weight, maybe a little above average.....but i wouldn't call urself over weight. But as the other writer said, it can depend on ur bone structure. So i wouldn't worry.....i used to think i was 12 years old and weigh 95 pounds......i don't think im over weight at all.....i don't know how old u are but don't worry about what other people say.....or even if its just u who thinks ur over weight. well i gotta go so please don't even think about it.

Hi my names Lily, and im thirteen years old. I think Im fat weighing 140 pounds at 5'5 feet, but that's actually a normal body weight, I don't think you are overweight. I think your a little over average like ^Ashley said. But don't worry about it. Heres a few suggestions to help you lose weight , it worked for me:

1. Don't snack after dinner, your body is slowly starting to shut down to get ready for you to sleep. So all that food will stay in your body overnight and turn into fat.

2. Drink lots of water it will help drain your system of fat, and make you less hungry and you will feel more full.

3. 20 / 15 minutes before dinner eat an apple. Apples are healthy for you, so if you eat one at dinner you won't eat as much carbs at dinner. (my mom told me to do this).

And a tip - never think about starving yourself , because your body will start to eat itself , obviously not healthy . Or you could start to pig out alot on junk food and end up weighing more than what you started with.

I hope I helped you out.