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You're still a teenager but you're also legally an adult.
No, when you turn 18 you are legally an adult. Regardless if you are living with your parents are not you are granted full citizenship at that age.
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What is the percentage of kids who move out at or before age 18?

Answer . According to the US Census from 2002, the answer to this question is about 8 percent. The reasons why the number is not higher is primarily due to the difficulty in earning enough money to live on your own without a high school diploma or GED.

If you are 15 and have a kid can you move out with an 18-year-old?

No. Having a child does not emancipate a person. You're still a minor and therefore under the control and authority of your parents. They can report you as a runaway and the police would pick you up and bring you back home. The adult that takes you in could also be facing charges for doing so. And i ( Full Answer )

Can you get fixed at 18 with 2 kids?

\n. \n You can, but should you? \n. \nCertainly, there is nothing to stop you. I'm sure you could find a doctor who is willing to do the procedure, although I would imagine that few doctors would do it. The real question is, Should you?\n. \nTubal ligations, although reversible in some cases ( Full Answer )

Is it illegal in new York to have kids if your under 18?

It's not illegal but you become responsible for the child. If you don't know how to take care of the child properly you could be charged with child abuse and lose your child.. Think long and hard about it.

Kids are 18 and need to get out?

If your kids are 18, and need to move out 'cause they're driving you nuts (one way or another) 1. Get comprehensive house and contents insurance 2. Move out I would recommend a long holiday, but if you need to stay in the area for work, then find some nice, relaxing rental accommodation some ( Full Answer )

Why cant kids under 18 vote?

Children are not legally allowed to vote because they are not considered mature enough. They are more likely to be influenced by peer pressure and less likely to have their own opinions about things. In informal polls, children tend to vote for what they hear their parents or friends say, or what th ( Full Answer )

Is kids under 18 allow to smoke?

\nI'm not quite sure if there is rule against it but my personal opinion is think about it before you do it.\nit may be what your friends are doing but that doesn't mean you have to\ni know this might sound extremely parenty but consider your future\ncause if you do smoke there is a chance you will ( Full Answer )

How can the Duggar family afford 18 kids?

I have read that the Duggar Family live off of commercial properties they own. I also assume they get money from their T.L.C show. The Duggars do earn money for their show, they do have quite a few buisnesses and do own commercial properties. They do it- They did receive 18 healthy kids and they ar ( Full Answer )

What is the salary of 18 kids and counting?

The Duggar family specials are $100,000 each and they do it at least 1-2 times a year and they have a show called 18 kids and counting and they get $75,000 each episode. They speak at churches and do websites, offer donations and get freebies. They purchase everything low priced and comes with a cou ( Full Answer )

What are all of the 18 kids and counting names?

Michelle Duggar 1. Joshua James Duggar 2. Jana Marie Duggar (Twins) 3, John-David Duggar(twins) 4. Jill Michelle Duggar 5. Jessa Lauren Duggar 6. Jinger Nicole Duggar 7. Joseph Garrett Duggar 8. Josiah Matthew Duggar 9. Joy-Anna Duggar 10. Jedidiah Robert Dugggar (twins) 11. J ( Full Answer )

Is there a kids bop 18?

yuppers!. ewww kids bop! ehhww, they suck at singing!. just buy like now11, now, now2, now3 now4 now5 now6 and bla bla bla bla bla! those are great, and sucky kids dont sing it!

What songs are on kids bop 18?

1.Telephone 2.Baby 3.California Gurls 4.Hey,Soul Sister 5.Do you Remember 6.Naturally 7.Whataya Want from Me 8.Nothin' On You 9.Break Your Heart 10.All the Right Moves 11.Two Is Better Than One 12.Evacuate The Dancefloor 13.Billioniare 14.Alejandro 15.Breakeven 16.Single Ladies

Is polygon love 2 for 18 or kids?

All Depends If You or Your child Is Ready For that kinda stuff I would say the correct age would be around 16-18

What is the birthdays date of the 18 kids and counting?

It's now 19 kids and counting Josh March 3,1988 Jana and John David January 12,1990 Jill May 17,1991 Jessa November 4, 1992 Jinger December 21, 1993 Joseph January 20,1995 Josiah August 28, 1996 Joy Anna October 28, 1997 Jedidah and Jeremiah December 30,1998 Jason April 21,2000 James July 7,2001 Ju ( Full Answer )

How many kids are in jail under the age of 18?

According to the Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement, there were 92,854 people under the age of 18 held in juvenile facilities in 2006, the most current year for which data is available. Of those, 52,756 were actually committed - 44,937 males and 7,819 females.

What songs are on the new kids bop 18?

As of what i saw, i think this might be the track list for kids bop 18: 1. Telephone by Lady Gaga 2. Baby by Justin Bieber 3. California Gurls by Katy Perry 4. Hey Soul Sister by Train 5. Do You Remember by Jay Sean 6. Naturally by Selena Gomez 7. Whatya Want From Me by Adam Lambert 8. Nothin' On ( Full Answer )

What is the latest time a kid under 18 can be at the movies?

I don't believe there is any restriction on how late a person under 18 can be at a movie theatre, in the U.S., at least. I have never heard of any such restriction, anyway. If a city or county has a curfew law for teens, then it's a different story. But curfew laws restrict teens from being outsi ( Full Answer )

What songs are on the kids bop 18 CD?

they are...Telephone,Baby,California Gurls,Hey Soul Sister,Do You Remember,Naturally,Whataya want from me,Nothin on you,Brake Your Heart,All The Right Moves,Two Is Better Than One,Evacuate The Dancefloor,Billionare,Alejandro,Breakeven,Single Ladies,Falling for you,One Day,Fifteen,Solo and Not Myself ( Full Answer )

Why can't kids watch 18 movies?

Kids can watch as many movies as they want. I don't know why someone would set a limit on just 18 movies. haha I'm just kidding, you probably mean R movies right? Why can't kids watch movies meant for 18 year olds? Well, those types of movies are more mature and probably not appropriate for younger ( Full Answer )

What are the names from 18 kid and counting?

Josh (& Wife Anna) . Jana (twins) . John-David (twins) . Jill . Jessa . Jinger . Joseph . Josiah . Joy-Anna . Jedidiah(twins) . Jeremiah (twins) . Jason . James . Justin . Jackson . Jo-Hannah . Jennifer . Jordyn . Josie (Michelle 19 th kid ( Full Answer )

Is okay to act like a kid when im 18?

well it depends what you do.. if you have water fights then no if you are acting childish no and if you play with toys yeah cause your 18 you should be out doing sutff with your friends or get a job, do something thats worth it! hit on girls thats what 18 year olds are meant to do!(: (well some of t ( Full Answer )

Can kids like 3 to 18 love each other?

I think yes. Because I was 17 when I first fell in love with myfriend whom she was 15 at the time, but the day before yesterdayafter confessing she said she can't see me like that. It justhappens, I didn't meant to fall for someone that speaks anotherlanguage and lives 7 hours by car away from me, b ( Full Answer )

Is there a dating site for kids 12 18?

You probably don't want to use a dating site if you are that young. There are legal issues that could arouse, and when you are young, long distance relationships don't work too well.

Can a kid under 18 have a credit card?

Individuals under the age of majority (18) cannot legally have a credit card in their own name unless they are estranged from their parents and establish their financial responsibility. Minors can, however, become an Authorized User of their parents' credit account(s) if the account owner(s) so wish ( Full Answer )