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Depends on where you are at in your education. If in high school, it is good. Most good colleges want/expect a 2.5-3.0 GPA in HS for admission. If you are an undergrad in college, it is still pretty good. Most grad schools want a 3.0 or better to go on for a graduate degree. If you are in a Master's program, a 3.3 is fair to middling. Again, depending on the school and program, a lot of Ph.D programs will accept no less than a 3.0-3.5 GPA to get in after a Master's is completed. Again, it all depends on the school and program. For example, if in high school, a 3.3 with some good extra cirricular activities would put you in an excellent position. If going on from a Masters to a Ph.D, a 3.3 would be borderline. You would have to have done pretty well on your Graduate Record Examination(s) to boost your shot at a doctorate (for example, I scored low-average to average on my GRE's, but had a 3.5 GPA for undergrad work, so I got accepted into a Master's and later a Ph.D program.) Hope this helps.

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Q: Is 3.3 a good GPA
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