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For a 7th grader, 500 in one section is a great score, seeing as you probably are unfamiliar with the material.

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Q: Is 500 a good SAT score for seventh graders?
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Is 500 a good beacon score?


Is 500 a good credit score?

No. It's pretty bad.

How good is a credit rating score of 810?

Quite good. I believe the range is 500-850.

Where can you apply for a second mortgage when your beacon score is 500 and what is your best option?

You need to go to a Subprime lender. Not sure if they can help you with 500 credit score though. Good Luck!

Is 215 a good score?

If you are talking about credit score, understand that I am not a credit expert, but since a credit score of 620 is bad, 215 would be a terrible credit score. If this is for a test like the SAT, this is also horrible. The average score of the SAT is about 500, and even that isn't that good of a score.

What is a credit score scale?

The credit score scale ranges from 0 to 800. Everything above 720 is considered a good credit score. Below 500 is considered unacceptable.

Is a 5 beacon score good or bad?

A Beacon score of 5 is impossible, the score ranges between 300 and 850. I'll assume you meant 500, this is considered to be 'very bad'.

What is a average test score for SAT?

Hmm.. Very Tensed Arn't You? Even I Had My SAT's Last Year. Its Not That Bad As You Think. A Good Score For The SAT's Will Be Above 87% Or Level 4a-5a. I Got 5c Which Is Something To Be Proud Of And Don't Worry Everthing Will Be Fine! Random Fact: Its My Birthday Today! :) x Hope I Helped"Accesing This From School Yu Know!:P x

Is 530 a good SAT math score?

The national average, per section, is 500. Above average, but really, your scores are good or bad dependent upon where you are applying.

What credit score is perfect credit and what score is considered bad credit?

Credit score that is around or more than 700 is considered to be good and score below 500 is considered to be bad. It is always advised to constantly monitor your credit score.

Is 500 IQ good?

IQ scores fall in a range from 0 to 200. You need to validate the score.

What is a good score in standard solitaire?

Any score in excess of 650 is considered excellent with 700 being the benchmark for Outstanding. 732 and above is the Master rating. 500-650 is above average a receives a Good rating