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Just a note. multiple litters shorten her life span

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Q: Is 6 months old too young to have puppies?
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Is a two year old Rottie too young to have puppies?

No, that's not too young. I have a rottie and shes 1 and has had puppies.

Is eighteen months old too young for a dog to have pups?

No it is not to young. My shih-tzu came into heat at 6 months and she got pregnant by accident but when the puppies arrived she knew exactly wut to do and took great care of them

Is it safe for a 1 year old puppy to have puppies?

no because they are too young

When do dogs usually have puppies?

Dogs can have puppies when there only six months However, this is FAR too young. Their bones have not fully developed and they will still be growing and need all their enery for that! Female dogs should not be allowed to have puppies before they are 2yrs old.

Is 6 months of age too young for a first litter?

Yes 6 months is too young to have a litter. A dog isn't fully grown until it is at least a year old. A puppy shouldn't have puppies. It is unhealthy for the mother dog and the pups. Her pelvis might not be able to deliver the puppies and all could be lost. I'm sure it probably has happened in nature but it is not a good thing to have happen.

Is 11 months old too young for a shih-tzu to become pregnant?

yes it is too young they should be at least 1 and a half to 2 years old.

Is eight months too young for a staffordshire bull terrier to breed?

Yes it is too young. You should wait until the dog is three years old.

Can you wean the puppies at 2 weeks?

No, puppies should not be weaned until they are around 4 or 6 weeks old. 2 weeks old is simply far too young for weaning. They should not leave home until they are 8 weeks old.

How old is too old for a dog to have puppies?

dogs usually hav puppies around the age of 4-8 OVER 8 THEY CAN die

How dogs protect their young ones?

When strangers get too near the dog's puppies, It growls at you and stands in front of her puppies, letting them have a chance to escape.

How old is joe from blues clues?

He is probably in his 30's, he is young, but not too young, old but not too old.

Is an eight year old dog too old to have puppies?

Yes but she can have them if you let her get pregnant.

Will a female dog lose her first litter when she is only 6 months old?

no Most breeders breed their dogs from the age of 2 and a half, at 6 months she is a pup herself and too young to have puppies. Breeding too early is not good and could cause health risks for your dog. If it is an unplanned mating and she has got caught, make sure you get veterinary advise and she is monitored through her pregnancy.

When can you take puppies outside?

mid afternoon when its not too hot or too cold, in early months make sure the puppy does not get frightened

Should puppies at 2weeks old be outside in heat?

not for too long

Can an 8 year old Chihuahua have puppies?

If the dog is intact (not spayed or neutered), yes 8 years old is not too old for a Chihuahua to be fertile and capable of having puppies.

What age do staffordshire bull terrier's go on heat?

It depends it can start from 6 months. We thought our staffy was too young and took her to the vet. It does not mean that the dog is old enough to have babies but it can start as young as five months.

Can puppies eat crackers?

This depends on how old the puppy is, if it is old enough to eat solid food-it is okay for it to eat crackers. If the puppy is too young to eat solid food- it should not eat crackers.

Can it harm a cat to get pregnant before it's one year old?

no, but it is a little too young , however, this is what happens when a female is not spayed when they are 5 months old.

When can newborn puppies have a bath?

When the puppies are about 8-9 weeks old. If you bathe them too soon, their skin could get irritated.

Is a guniea pig aged 2 to old to get pregnant?

Kinda.. I'd say 3 years is to old to get pregnant and younger than 6 months is too young.

Is it safe for a 14 yr old dog to have puppies for the first time?

No, they are too old. If they do, you will be risking their life.

Is 4 weeks too young for a puppy to taken away from his mother?

yes,it's too young at 4 weeks,most puppies have to be 8 weeks.certain types are even longer.

Is 11 years old too old?

It is too old for some things, old enough for some and too young for others.

Is a nine year old to young to where makeup?

They are too young