Is 925 stamped on gold

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No, 925 is the stamp for sterling silver.

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Q: Is 925 stamped on gold
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What is the value of your gold mens ring stamped BGE 925?

The value of your gold men's ring stamped BGE 925 is $13.28.

I was given a belcher chain and they told me it was 9ct gold it has 925 stamped on it so is it gold?

it is silver 925 and gold plated

What does GM 925 stamped on a piece of gold jewelry with diamonds mean?

The 925 is an indication of sterling silver, not gold.

You were given a belcher chain and they told you it was 9ct gold it has 925 stamped on it so is it gold?

no -- 925 refers to sterling silver NOT gold

What if it has stamped 925 Ciss on it?

If a piece of jewelry has 925 CISS stamped on it, this typically means it is 925 karats. The CISS is just the abbreviations for the maker of the piece of jewelry.

What does 925 stamped in a gold ring mean?

925 is a standard marking for Sterling Silver, thus making it a silver ring, not gold.

Is a gold ring stamped 925 worth anything?

Not much. 925 is sterling silver, so the "gold" ring must be plated.

What does star gold 925 mean stamped on necklace and is it real gold or silver?

Star Gold "could" be the brand! 925 used mostly on silver items!

Is a 925 gold stamped chain real gold?

No. That means that it is 92.5% sterling silver. It's not gold.

China 925 a sign for gold?

It is important to know the value of owned jewelry. China 925 stamped on gold means it is sterling silver, with a gold plating or gold wash.

Is gold necklace worth anything if it is stamped 925 Italy?

925 is sterling silver. Gold plated is properly over Sterling silver Lynda

How much is 925 stamped gold neckless worth?

The hallmark 925 designates 92.5% silver in the total metal, not the gold. And worth can be determined upon the weight of the 925 silver neckless.

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