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Star Gold "could" be the brand! 925 used mostly on silver items!

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375 if stamped on a gold necklace means it is a 9 karat gold peice. commonly found in Australian and European gold jewelery.

what does O mean on a gold necklace

What does KA 1772 mean on a silver necklace

I was given a necklace with 24KGB stamped on it. What does this mean?

I have very old necklace stamped 356 also with a Crown stamped also.

The name of the company. If there is no gold listed it is most likely a gold tone metal.

from what i read it is piercing pagonda mall stuff

Most likely it is Gold shell (gold plated) But it could be a jewelers mark.

750/1000 gold is equal to 18k so 75% gold

375 stamped on any type of precious metal jewelry is generally an indicator of the percentage of precious metal. In your case, your silver is likely 37.5% silver.

It means that it is gold electroplated silver. The 925 means purest silver. The piece is not gold, it is silver.

14 KJ stamped on a necklace means it is 14 karat gold. This number signifies purity of gold, a top standard in jewelry.

Hi anything with PL before or after 18 k or 9k is an indication that the item is gold plated with a thin layer of gold on top of a base metal or sometimes silver. Daniel

I assume you mean "18K". It is called "vermeil", meaning gold-plated silver.

14KGS means gold over silver so not all gold

925 is a standard marking for Sterling Silver, thus making it a silver ring, not gold.

The proportion of gold/silver is 10%.

what does 24kgr stamped on a necklace mean

The stamp means that the piece is 58.5% gold. The balance is other non-gold metals such as copper and silver. 24 karat is pure gold. So 14 karat is 14 of 24 parts pure.