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I say Nike

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Q: Is Adidas shoe brand or Nike shoe brand better?
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What shoe brand is better adidas or nike?


What is best shoe brand?

Nike, Puma, and Adidas's my favorite is Nike plus Nike brand lasts the longest so It is probably Nike but Puma and Adidas are nice too.

What is the most famous shoe brand?

The most famous shoe brand in the world is Nike. Other famous shoe brands are Doc Martin, Adidas, and Reebok.

What is the older shoe Nike or Adidas?

adidas is older than nike

Which brand has a Kobe Bryant shoe collection?

The current brand with a Kobe Bryant shoe collection is Nike. However, this was not always the case, the first company/brand to produce Kobe Bryant shoes was Adidas.

Are Saucony Kinvara shoes budget friendly?

Saucony Kinvara is just another shoe brand, and often many popular shoe brands such as Nike or Adidas have their prices marked up due to the branding. Saucony Kinvara can easily be as worthy a running shoe as Nike or Adidas, but much more budget friendly than big brand name shoes.

Athletic shoe brand?

There are quite a few athletic shoe brands. Some examples are Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Under Armour, Sketchers, and Merrel.

Where can I find Asics Nimbus 9 on sale?

Asics shoes are not nearly a higher quality running shoe. You need to check out a better brand for just a few more dollars. I prefer Nike or Adidas shoes for myself.

Who was adida's in Greek mythology?

Adidas was the goddess of athletics and victory. Some say that is how the shoe brand came to be.Not true, there is no such God/Godess as Adidas. The Greek Goddess Nike was the goddess of victory.

What shoe brand is better Nike or Adidas?

there are some major differences in nike and Adidas. i think that mainly Adidas focus more on performance than the looks where nike looks more in vice versa, but nike in my opinon is the best reason is, is that nikes performance is great and the looks i got to say are amazing, and even though the performance are a little bit less grater than Adidas or maybe even quite a lot less greater its still about 10x more appealing in looks (kind of emphasized) and the performance is probraly still great. Yes this is mostly right but Adidas excels in performance and comfort the best the new rose basketball shoes are very nice and i prefer Adidas because of the performance and comfort adiddas is away better but me usamah better thean all the companys

What shoe brand does jb wear?

He wear lots of brands Vans,converse,osiris,nike,supra,adidas,high tops i think

What shoe brand is better Nike or Adida?

Well let me tell you this Nike lasts up to about six months if your running in them alot and if your walking the last up to about a year at least. Adida (Adidas) shoes lasts up to 400+ miles which is about a year maybe it depends how much you run/walk .

What are the best tennis shoes to buy?

Anything from a mayor shoe brand like Nike or Adidas. They both have a lot of options. Nike has their lineups of Ballistic, Zoom, and Air Max. Adidas have Barricade in a lot of different styles and versions.

What running shoe does Dayron Robles wear?

Dayron Robles is now signed with Nike. Previously he wore Adidas because that was the brand that all Cuban athletes had to wear.

Is there a shoe brand that starts with the letter A?


Would anyone recommend purchasing Sir Isaac Newton Running Shoes?

I would not recommend this particular brand of shoe. They are very cheap and not very good quality. I would spring for a Nike or Adidas running shoe.

What shoe brand is more famous Nike or Riddell?


What is the best soccer shoe brand?

the best soccer shoe brand is adidas. that of course is my personal opinion, however i have worn just about every brand, or at least all the most popular, and definitly endorse adidas. especially the new f50s... lightest ever. i think adidas is the best soccer bran period. they make all the balls used in the champions league and world cup, and they seem to be the favorite of many pros.(except ronaldo cause nike gave him a bunch of money)

What is the best shoe brand Nike air or jordans?

nike air

What brand of shoe is the best for sprinting?

nike brand shoes

Why is this shoe better than others on the market especially the quality shoe manufactured by Nike?

The Nike Mizuno Wave shoe is way better quality for what is it made out of, and is very comfortable. They are better than the Nike tennis shoe because they are more durable.

What kind of shoes do the Finish Line shoe brand sell?

Finish Line provides all kinds of brands from A to Z. The most popular examples would be Nike, Adidas, Skechers, and Jordans.

What brand of running shoes is best for fitness?

There is no clear-cut answer for this question, because the general public has never announce a winner of the shoe market. However, the top brands are nike, mizuno, and adidas.

What brand and style of shoe does Petr Cech wear?


What brand are yeezy?

yeezy is the name of the shoe that adidas and kanye west made