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Alcohol consumption anytime in a pregnancy is dangerous to the fetus

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Q: Is Alcohol consumption during pregnancy dangerous only during the first trimester?
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Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy can cause?

fetal alcohol syndrome

How does alcohol damage the fetus?

Excessive alcohol consumption, especially during the first trimester, has the potential to cause fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS).

Which stage of pregnancy is the worst to consume alcohol?

The first trimester but you shouldn't drink at all during the pregnancy. You can drink a small glas of wine once in awhile but not alcohol.

What can you do to drink Alcohol safely?

There is no way to safely consume alcohol. It is dangerous to the body no matter the circumstance of its consumption.

How bad is wine during the first trimester of pregnancy?

You should never drink any amount of alcohol during pregnancy. Drinking even very small amounts of alcohol can cause birth defects, miscarriage, and FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome).

How does alcohol affect the baby during the early trimester of pregnancy?

Excessive alcohol can cause fetal alcohol syndrome, the number one preventable birth defect. Brain and physical development can be affected, possible severely if alcohol abuse is severe.

What are the effects on an unborn baby of drinking during pregnancy?

Heavy consumption of alcohol during pregnancy increases the risk that the baby could have fetal alcohol syndrome which is where the baby's growth and development are stunted, causing physical and learning and developmental disabilities. This is why it is not recommended for women to drink alcohol during pregnancy

Social consequences of alcohol during pregnancy?

There are very much social variations to alcohol consumption, world wide. The social norms are to be honoured. Small quantity of alcohol does no harm to the fetus or mother.

How will taking steroids and alcohol affect your pregnancy during the first trimester?

Yes!! Do not take steroids or alcohol at ALL DURING A PREGNANCY!!! dont do drugs ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== DRINKING alcohol during pregnancy can cause your child to be born with FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME. An FAS baby has multiple problems, including birth defects and learning disabilities. For your BABY not to have life long problems, PLEASE DO NOT DRINK or take drugs during any stage of your pregnancy.

What trimester is the fetus most susceptible to the detrimental effects of alcohol on development?

the first trimester

Is liquor consumption harmful during pregnancy?

Yes, drinking too much alcohol will cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder which will cause physical and mental problems of the fetus.

How harmful is drinking 3 months into pregnancy?

Drinking any alcohol may be dangerous to your baby. There has been no 'safe' amount of alcohol identified that does not cause fetal alcohol syndrome.

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