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Alfred the Great is not officially recognized as a saint in the Catholic Church. However, he is highly regarded for his leadership in uniting Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and defending England against Viking invasions in the 9th century.

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Q: Is Alfred the Great a saint?
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Did Alfred the great have children?

If the question is about Alfred the Great, he married Aethelswitha of the Gaini.

What book write Alfred the Great?

P.J. Helm is the author of Alfred the Great.

What was the name of Alfred the great's mum?

Alfred the Great's mother was named Osburh.

Who ordered the city of London to be rebuilt after the Danes rebuilt it?

Alfred the great

What were the names of Alfred the Great's siblings?

Alfred the Great had five siblings: Æthelstan, Æthelred, Æthelberht, Æthelswith, and Æthelgifu.

When was LNWR Alfred the Great Class created?

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What province did Alfred rule before he became Alfred the great?


Is St. Leo the Great a patron saint?

Pope Saint Leo the Great is not a patron saint.

Under what king did the English unite to fight the vikings in the ninth century?

Alfred the Great, I think.

When was Prince Alfred of Great Britain born?

Prince Alfred of Great Britain was born on 1780-09-22.

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