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Is Alice Walker still blind?

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Walker, who was eight years old at the time, was injured when her brother accidentally shot her in the eye with a BB gun. She became blind in her right eye as a result.

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Is alice walker still alive?


Is the author Alice Walker still alive?

yes she is still alive.Alice Walker is 64 years old

Where did Alice Walker die?

As of 2012, Alice Malsenior Walker (author of The Color Purple, born February 9, 1944) is still alive.

What year did Alice Walker die?

Alice Walker, the author known for writing 'The Color Purple' and other literary works, is still alive.

What time period did Alice Walker live in?

Alice Malsenior Walker was born in 1944 and is still alive- she is 66 years old according to wikipedia

Is Alice Walker still Alive or is she dead?

she is still alive and she is 64 years old

Did Alice Walker die?

yes she did no she didn't, shes still alive!

Was Alice walker a boy or girl?

Alice Walker is a woman.

What is Alice walker brothers names?

what is Alice walker brothers names

What would be a good title for a biography on Alice Walker?

Life of Alice Walker.

When was Blind Willie Walker born?

Blind Willie Walker was born in 1896.

When did Blind Willie Walker die?

Blind Willie Walker died in 1933.

Is it Alice Walker died?

Well first learn how to make a sentence, and she is still living! =>

What type of poetry did Alice walker write?

Alice walker didnt have a certain type of writing

What did Alice walker do?

alice walker was a fomous wrighter and she is a woman who did all she could to get women their rights

How old does Alice Walker make?

Alice walker is 67 in 2011;68 in 2012;69 in 2013;70 in 2014

How is Alice Walker doing today?

Alice Walker supported President Obama and she believes that he could be the person that would help bring this country out of the recession. Alice Walker and her daughter Rebecca don't speak to each other. They have a long history of disagreements and Alice Walker has not see her grandson. Alice Walker continues to inspire women all over the world.

What are Alice walker kids names?

Rebecca Walker

How old is Alice Walker?

Alice Walker is 73 years old (birthdate: February 9, 1944).

When was Alice Walker born?

Alice Walker was born on February 9, 1944. 70 years old.

What high school did Alice Walker attend?

Alice walker went to fountain valley high school

What has the author Alice A Walker written?

Alice A. Walker has written: 'Samuel Shields' -- subject(s): Family

What obstacles did Alice Walker overcome?

Alice Walker wrote the book Color Purple. She was abused by her husband.

Do Alice walker still write poems are stories?

Hello! I was doing a project about Alice Walker for my World Geography class, and I discovered that she is still alive! She continues to write poems is what I've heard. I don't know if she has published any more books. She is currently 65.

Is Alice Walker a civil right activist?

Yes. She was a Feminist who was a activist and she still is today. I am not sure why she is though.