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American Global International University is a recognized Accredited University

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American Global says it is accredited by the International Accreditation Commission (IAC). However, the IAC is non-recognized or fake according to the Related Links below.

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Q: Is American global International University an accredited online university?
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Is American institute of management of westbrook university accredited?

since pebbles University is affliated with westbrook university,and since pebbles is accredited,westbrook must be treated as accredited

When was International American University created?

International American University was created in 2006.

Is American sports university accredited?

American Sports University in San Bernardino, California is not accredited by any organization recognized by the Department of Education.

Is taxila American university accredited?


When was American International University-Bangladesh created?

American International University-Bangladesh was created in 1994.

Is the Arabic Open University of North America accredited?

The Arab Open University does not appear to have a North American campus.

What is American International University-Bangladesh's motto?

American International University-Bangladesh's motto is 'Where leaders are created'.

When was International American University College of Medicine created?

International American University College of Medicine was created in 2003.

Is American Military University accredited?

it is accredited as American Public University System, which is the parent company of American Military University and American Public Unversity. checkout the link on the department of educations website, which i posted at the bottom of the page.

What is the rank of American International University Bangladesh?

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Can credits from America Public University transfer to traditional university?

I just found out the hard way that American Public University/American Military University are NOT Regionally Accredited. They are nationaly accredited. This means they are for profit colleges. Public and Private Universities will NOT accept credits from APU/AMU since they only accept Regional Accreditation.