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YES very very popular the anime comes from Japan ( first anime ).

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What is the most popular anime character in japan?


What is the most popular TV show in JAPAN?

One piece (anime)

How popular is anime in japan as a percentege?

in japan anime is not limited for age limit so every one watches der so accordind to me most of dem watches anime or read manga

What is the most popular anime in Japan?

According to Asashi Channel, it is FullMetal Alchemist.

What was the first anime in Japan?

The first anime sold in Japan was Doraemon

Is Hatsune Miku an anime?

No, Hatsune Miku is not an anime. Hatsune Miku is a vocaliod. A vocaliod is a computer generated singer, but Hatsune Miku is by FAR the most popular in Japan.

Is anime popular around the world?

Yes, originally from Japan, overtime it has gained international success.

When did anime become popular in japan?

It didn't. Anime has the same status over there as American cartoons in America. They're normally aimed at younger crowds and occasionally adult otaku pick up on them. However, watching anime isn't cool or popular.

Are there any people who have made popular anime or manga that have been adapted in japan that were not born or residents of Japan Not necessarily made or published in Japan but have been adapted?


How was Anime born?

anime was created in Japan

Are books of all subject matters available in Japan?

Yes, books on all subject matters are available in Japan. Japan has anime novels, famous comics, and one most Popular anime comic/movie/novel/show is mainly Naruto. sooo... what im saying is mainly Manga and anime is known for it.

Does anime only come from Japan?

Well anime is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of "animation." Anime is what you call cartoons from Japan.

How did anime become live shows?

they become live shows if they are extremly popular in the united states and in japan

Anime dubbing Canada industry?

Anime dubbing Canada industry is a process through which voices are added to animations. Anime has its origin in Japan but has become popular all over the world including Canada.

Samurai Champloo is a Japanese Anime series developed by which company?

Samurai Champloo is a popular Japanese Anime series. Anime is a type of animation which was founded in Japan. The company which developed this series is called Manglobe.

What is Japan famoes for?

The most popular things that Japan is famous for are things like sushi, anime and manga, as well as many companies such as Toyota and Honda.

Where did anime started?

Anime started in Tokyo, Japan.

What does anime mean in japan?

Anime is short for animation.

What is anime country of origin?

Anime originated from Japan.

How popular is anime in the US?

Its is very popular among Teenagers and some adults.... Although mostly children are fans of anime without even knowing it... Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh! and Naruto are quite popular among under 10s while Code Geass, Death Note and others may be more easier to follow at 13+... In short Anime is probably just as popular as it is in Japan (The birthplace of Anime)

Is anime popular?

Anime is popular with young people. Anime conventions are held all over the world.

What is the meaning of Yuri?

Yuri means girl on girl hentai or anime its very popular in usa and in Japan :D

How popular is bleach anime?

The popularity of the show is different in many countries. The US and Japan have the highest ratings for this show.

Are animes popular in Europe QM Are they in England?

Anime is popular everywhere XD. In England it is popular but not near as popular in Japan (obviously) or America. Europe probably has many fans but probably not that many.

What country did anime originate?

Anime Originated From The Japanese. (Japan =) )

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