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antimony is found naturally

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Q: Is Antimony man made or found in nature?
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Is hydrogen peroxide found in nature of is it man made?

The hydrogen peroxide is not found in the nature, it is man made.

Is copper found in nature or is it man made?

it is fount in nature.

Is nobelium man made or found in nature?

Nobelium is a man made chemical element.

Is Einsteinium found in nature or man-made?

It is synthetic; also known as "man-made".

What element was man made and then found in nature?


Is trinitrotoluene found in nature?

Trinitrotoluene is man made.

Where is nylon found?

Nylon is not 'found' anywhere in nature - it is a man-made substance.

Is the nylon found in nature?

No, nylon is a man made material.

What are elements called when they are found in nature?

Elements found in nature are referred to natural elements, as opposed to synthetic, which are man made.

What elements are found in nature?

Every element found on the Periodic Table can be found in a natural environment. None are man-made. Only compounds can be man-made.

Is neon from a periodic table found in nature or is it man made?

Neon is found in nature, specifically, it is a small part of the Earth's atmosphere.

How is Teflon Natural Or man Made?

Teflon is a synthetic polymer which means that it is man-made. There are many polymers that are also found in nature.