Is Armenia a poor country?

Answer 1

Yes it is a desperately poor country with an official per capita nominal of 2008 is officially

Nominal Per Capita US Dollars: $3,400.560

Purchasing Power Parity Per Capita: $5,436.995

Armenia has a very high Poverty rate of 32%

Armenia's economic output fell severely after the fall of the Soviet Union

Answer 2

No, Armenia is a developing country.

It has had some trouble in recent years; such as the 1988 earthquake and the conflict with Azerbaijan in the 1990's however since then the Armenian economy has been steadily developing. They are now economically one of the more advanced states in the Caucasus region.

Answer 3

What do you mean when you say a poor country?The budget is 2 billion USD,the population is 2.500.000 people.60 % are women,40 % are men.Double price on goods because of high level of the corruption.No jobs.People graduate a university and can't be accepted to a job if they don't have high-ranking relatives.Small buisness is not developing,the government put high taxes on them and it just chokes people.For example people pay 30 drams for 1 kw meanwhile the government sell 1kw for 12 drams to Georgia.That's absurd and the answer is yes.I live there and I'm well informed of things going on currently.