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Is Bebo for adults only?


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No, Bebo is not just for adults. Many kids and teens have been known to be on Bebo.


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(Nope) Aston does not have facebook or bebo he only has my space and twitter.

Yes Noahs only bebo is

no tony oller does NOT have bebo he only have , twitter , facebook ,and myspace

Yes but adults can use it to but its age around 13-30yr olds

Bebo BlockedWhether it's blocked by software that is blocking sites your parents, school, or other adults do not want you to get on or you have been blocked by the site, you don't get on.

Her ONLYbebo believe her dont add her :)

No it is certainly not! You can only get bebo viruses by accepting a mail that has a video attached to it and then you wach the video.

but you do see little ones have bebo when there only little because the have forged there age !

people youg kids can go on facebook and when its mainly for Young adults and adults not kids. Bebo is more for kids and young teenagers.

No it's the one and only!

Yes you only add people you want to. Only people that are your friends can view your profile. It is 100% free. If you get stuck bebo support can solve anything. Bad people on bebo get blocked for life!

Eoghans Real Bebo is EQ92 but only his friends and family will be accepted.sorry..xox

is real bebo is EQ92 but only friends and family will be accepted,sorry..xox

YoVille cannot be played on Bebo. YoVille can only be played on Facebook and MySpace.

no only facebook and twitter.

Bebo has a majority of a younger demographic and appeals to mainly teenagers and young adults who enjoy making new friends and sharing photos, videos and other events with their friends online.

Click on change my bebo profile picture then click upload picture then click old uploader. You can only get them out of your bebo photo albums or a memory pen!

No he doesn't. None of the members of Mcfly have a bebo. The only have a joint Myspace account

The only way this is possible is by doing it in windows then copy and pasting it in the font you chose on to your bebo profile.

Your IP is only visible by you, but the bebo staff do know when there is more than one person on the same IP account.

what religion only baptized adults?

bebo isn't bad if you set your bebo profile so only friends can see it also it is a good way of meeting up with old school or work friends.Im Not allowed join Bebo and im 12!!!!!!!!!! its so not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bebo stands for "blog early, blog often"

It means only your friends can view your page.

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