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No, Beijing is not the most populated city in Asia. It is the 12th most populated city in Asia (16th in the world).

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Q: Is Beijing the most populated city in Asia?
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What is the most populated city in Asia?

Tokyo is the most populated city in Asia and the world.

In what part of Asia has the most people?

Tokyo, Japan, is the most populated city in the world, with a population of approximately 35 million people - even more than the whole of Australia! But, if you are asking for the country, it's China. Shanghai is the most populated city in China, even though Beijing is the capital city.

10 most populated cities in Asia?

New Delhi, India Beijing, China Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Where is Beijing china located?

The city of Beijing, China is located in the northern region of the country. This city is the capitol and one of the most populated cities within China.

What is the third largest populated city in China?

Tianjin with 5,800,000 residents is the third most populated city in China. Shanghai is first with 13,481,600, and Beijing is second with 9,532,000.

What is the most populated contry in Asia?

China is the most populated country in Asia and the world.

What is the second most populated country in china?


What is the most populated city in Europe?

Moscow. But if you include Russia being in Asia it's London.Moscow, Russia is the most populated city in Europe. The second most populated city is London, and the third is St. Petersburg. The population of Moscow is 10.56 million people.

Most populated cities?

Most populated city in northern hemisphere: Mexico City, Mexico. Most populated city in southern hemisphere: Sao Paolo, Brazil. Five most populated cities in the entire world: 1. Shanghai, China 2. Beijing, China 3. Istanbul, Turkey 4. Karachi, Pakistan 5. Delhi, India.

What country has the highest population in china?

You're question is unclear. China is a country. If you meant city, then Beijing is the most populated.

What is the world's 10 most overpopulated cities?

The most populated city in the world is Tokyo with a population of 38 million. The next most populated cities are Delhi, Mexico City, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Osaka, Beijing, New York, and Cairo.

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