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Plese dont delete any other users answers otherwise your id would be reported to Supervisors. answer: Well you can clearly see the list of WHO recognized institutes and it says only Chinese medium Medical Study program is approved. and no foreign student intake is approved. Further you can se article bengbu medical college in .. its clearly mentioned there.

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Q: Is Bengbu Medical college Approved by WHO to admit foreign students?
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Is Bengbu medical college harassing International students?

Officialy this college doesnt have any foreign students.

You want to know if guilin medical college is registered and approved by the Chinese government to conduct MBBS classes in English and are they authorized to get foreign students visas processed?

Yes they are.

Is Ningbo medical college is approved by MCI?

yes,it is recognised as one of the medical univerisities in china which can enroll foreign students.You can check the mci website for the list.Already Indian students are there in the campus of Ningbo university.For admission you can call 0086-15867210907

Pervaiz iqbal plus bengbu medical college?

Mr. Perviz Iqbal is presently the director of foreign students Bengbu Medical College China.

What about foreign students seats reserved in nawaz sharif medical college gujrat pk?

there are about 10 seats for foreign students...the fee is around $8000 per annum...and you got to apply through HEC

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