Is Beyonce smoking in

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Well it showed in why don't u love me she's smoking so the answer is yes

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Q: Is Beyonce smoking in
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Is Beyonce smoking?

Well it showed in why don't u love me she's smoking so the answer is yes

Who came out first ciara or Beyonce?

beyonce beyonce

Did Beyonce have a mom?

Beyonce G. Knowles does have a mom named Tina Knowles she is Beyonce clothes designer! Beyonce said once in a interview,'that if it was not for her mom and dad she would have not been here!' Beyonce works with her mom with derion a clothing line by Beyonce and Tina(mom of beyonce). Tina and Mattew(father of Beyonce) are still togther...

Was that Beyonce or Beyonce sister in the cater song?

beyonce was in cater to you her sister was not

Is Beyonce single?

No Beyonce is not single. Beyonce is married to Jay-z.

What is Beyonce knoles email?

Is Beyonce's real name Beyonce?

No. Her real name is Beyonce Gisselle Knowles.

What is Beyonce's Twitter?

Beyonce's twitter is She never tweets though.

Where did beyonce's mum get the name Beyonce from?

it was beyonce's great grandma's last name.

What is is Beyonce's real name?

Beyonce's real name is .................... Beyonce Giselle Knowles

Who looks better solange or Beyonce?


Is Beyonce's first name really Beyonce?

Yes. Her name is Beyonce Giselle Knowles.

Who would win a street fight Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez?

I am not sure but I think Beyonce because I think beyonce is a fighter and I think that beyonce stronger.

Who are Beyonce's family?

Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles (nee Beyince) Beyonce's father Mathew Knowles Beyonce's sister Solange Knowles Beyonce's cousin Angie Beyince Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy Carter Beyonce's husband Sean Carter

Where did Beyonce momma come up with Beyonce name?

from her grandma noooooo beyonce's mum gave beyonce her middle name as her first name! BEYONCE_ME!!

What is beynoce real name?

beyonce real name is beyonce her full name is Beyonce Knowels

What is the name of Beyonce's latest album?

Beyonce's latest album is called 'BEYONCE: I am... Sasha Fierce

Is it shanica knowelce Beyonce's sister?

NO Shanica Knowelce is not Beyonce's sister, Solange is Beyonce's sister.

What is Jay-Z and Beyonce's married name?

Beyonce and jayz's married names are Beyonce Carter.

Who carried Beyonce's baby?

Beyonce did

What is Beyonce's profession?

Beyonce is a singer

Does Beyonce have a blackberry?

No, Beyonce has an iPhone

Does Beyonce have kik?

does beyonce have a kik

Is Beyonce a man?

No, Beyonce is a woman.

Is Beyonce prengant?

No beyonce is not pregnant