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Blackle is better than regular Google because it saves energy by using a black screen instead of a brite and white one. it saves energy

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What is better for the environment Google or Blackle?

Blackle is better for the environment. It does not use the white background that Google uses which further creates less use of energy.

Can you find images on blackle?


Is Blackle Google?

Blackle is basically Google. It uses the same programming that Google uses. However, it does not search images.

Who made blackle?

* Google. there is also * Pinkle * Redle * Purplele * Earthle * Greenle * elgoog * Wattle * blackle * google chrome

What pets dogs 2 is?


What is blackle?

Blackle is the same thing as Google only it has a black screen so it saves energy. The screen is black and the text is white.

Does Blackle really save energy?

If you have an LCD screen, blackle uses one more watt hour than it does if you have a CAT screen. CAT screens are older and are made of glass. They look like old TVs.however, blackle has saved 2,000,000 watt hours!(Info correct on the Friday the 13of Febuary, 666)It is now the 8th of March and apparently blackle has only saved 1,743,316 watt hours... strange? I think this is funny because in a month (around that) blackle has LOST watt hours!

Why did they make a new Google called blackle?

Blackle is a search engine powered by 100% wind energy. The black background is also an energy saver for your monitor.

Where can you find career information?

on the internet. google,blackle.

What is drake bell doing in 2009?

blackle it (

What is the website where Blackle came from?

Google -correction- www.blackle .com was created byt he same people who created google to save energy on your computer and they have saved millions of kilowats with blackle :)

Is there a pinkle?

Yes it's like blackle and google but the screen is pink.

Is blackle just a hoax?

it requires energy to have a black screen as well as a white screen. blackle saves a tiny bit of energy. really, it is a hoax, but it is part true: it saves a TINY bit of energy.

How do blackle saves energy?

It takes more energy to light up a white- or light-colored background. By having a darker-shaded backgroud, Blackle helps to conserve the energy used to light up the computer screen.

If Blackle hurts your eyes should you still use it?

You should at least try to adjust to the dark color (as it is better for the environment than Google). However, if you find this hard to do, just do what is more comfortable.

What are generl search places besides Google?

Ask, Bing, dogpile, Blackle etc.

What is ninja?

The same thing as Google and Blackle, but everything is yellow and black. Also to save energy.

How do you get background research on cleaning pennies?

google it, bing it, blackle it, or ask a friend you know that has the answer to your question.

How many search engines like blackle are there?

I only know of two others- pinkle and greenle

How does blackle the website work?

Actually you are both wrong. Blackle is not actually black. It's a special computer color called empty.Empty is different than black because as you said black is a color, but empty is just empty. The only energy the computer has to use is the backlight.

What is better Google or blackle?

Blackle's Claim"Blackle is a website that utilizes a customized Google search bar. The website asserts that it is exactly like Google except that it uses a black background instead of a light colored background. This first claim is questionable.The second claim is that a computer monitor requires more energy to display a white pixel than a black pixel. This amount of energy is minimal, as admitted by the Blackle authors. They insist that there would be significant energy savings if all the millions of screens that look at Google every day used Blackle instead.Firstly, color is not the only difference between Google and Blackle. Any search through Blackle uses Blackle'sservers before querying Google's servers. That means a little extra bit of bytes being transferred. It's not much, but neither is the energy savings.Secondly, home studies suggest thatLCD monitors have a negligible power savings between displaying dark screens or light screens. I say negligible because the variance from one monitor to another is a wider spread of kilowatt-hours than the savings on any particular monitor."-

Some types of Google?

Google blackle elgoog Google green Google blue Google pink Google dark Google yellow googoth Google emo Google Linux Google Easter eggs Google elmer fudd gizoogle elegoog earthle blackle

What are some other google sites like blackle?

The related link below is a black Google Mobile for your phone!

Martin Luther king jr adult life?

Google or Bing or Blackle Or any other search engine it!

How do blackle save energy?

Blackle saves energy IF you use a CRT or a Plasma screen as these require more energy in produce lighter colours and in particular white. HOWEVER, if you use an LCD screen it uses up to 6% more energy to produce black rather than white. This means that in the case of most modern computers Google itself saves more energy than Blackle does. This is because LCD screens have for many years natively shown white rather than black.

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