Is Bournemouth University good at media?

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Where is Bournemouth?

Bournemouth is a large town on the South Coast of, England, in the county of Dorset. Founded in 1810, as a Victorian Spa Town, Bournemouth is one of the most popular beach d

What are the Good effects of media?

The media is positive because it can get news stories and alerts tomany people. It is also good because people can talk to each otherabout these stories, via smart phones and

Is Bournemouth University recognised by British government?

Bournemouth University (BU) is definitely recognised by the British government with full degree-awarding authority to offer qualifications at undergraduate, postgraduate, doct

Did any famous people go to Bournemouth University?

A lot of successful people have graduated from Bournemouth University over the years including some who have or are making a name for themselves. These include: . Sue Rowe -

What is good about the media?

media heps in developing our knowledge about subject. it helps in knowing the latest fashion

Why is the media good?

When multiple copies of an article or news story are made it helps preserves history.

What are some good things about the media?

umm yea media u can say stuff pll already know and out on that nasal voice and act like ur a know-it-all if ur a reporter and books make u blind. dvds and TVs are the only exc

What are the characteristics of good educational media?

Should be less expensive . Should have intellectual message . should be according to the type and characteristic of the learner . should consider the class level . should

Where is Bournemouth University located?

The address to this university isFern Barrow, Poole, Dorset, BH12 5BB United Kingdom.I hope this answer helped you. It can be found along the South West coast of Britain.
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What are good examples of media services?

Media services often means social media services, such as Facebook or Twitter. It can mean sending a picture or a video. They are present in everyday life.
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Is journalism and media a good career?

Depends. There's a high attrition rate. Like any trade, it can begood, but it also requires a certain aptitude for it.